Keep Calm and Love Chai Over Coffee

2It is not ‘tea’, it is ‘Chai’! Do you get it? Chai! Chaha! Chah! Cha! Call it by any name, in any language, have it in mug or glass; it is awesomeness, pure awesomeness!

I always have this debate with my intellectual and sophisticated friends who love coffee over tea! I mean, like what? Coffee over tea? Shut-up tea is better than coffee! Yes, it is! Your long trips or your night before exams are incomplete without some hot cups of tea and those delicious combos of biscuits or papad or pakode with chai!

Aah! Bliss!

I can’t imagine a day without tea, that sheer feeling of seeing the chai boil in its rusty, bubbly glory is joy! An overwhelming ecstatic happiness. That wait for letting the chai get ready on low flame and watching it anxiously as it sheds colors is heavenly. These are the joys which a coffee lover will never experience in life. Coffee is so stupid. It costs you bomb amount and hardly offers any taste.  Moreover, you cannot fix coffee with your favorite desi breakfasts like pakode, bun-maska, vada-pav, Parle G, etc. You need tea for that.

A rainy day will not make you ask for coffee, it will make you ask for tea. Because tea meets the feel and sound of roaring thunderstorms and the smell of soil after rain. Tea gives you the liberty of enjoying it with cardamom and cloves or black pepper or basil or all of them. Coffee surely doesn’t stand a chance. Coffee cannot be fixed with sutta, it cannot make you brag or listen to your friend’s woes after a long day. Only tea can do that! Tea rocks everywhere, be it home or office or trips or college adda.

The morale of the story: Keep Calm and Love Tea Over Coffee!
– Udisha M.

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