It’s not a You Vs Us Battle: A Millennial’s Rant

I’m a 90s kid (not a kid but a grown up) and it hasn’t been long since I celebrated my 25th birthday. It’s been more than 3 years in the industry and I think I’ve been trying to work as hard as I could. My college juniors look up to me for some gyaan and free lunches, my parents still think I’m a underdog, my friends are more or less in the same boat, my employer is fine with my progress, clients are reasonable with ROIs I generate for them, my landlord is happy to have a quiet and disciplined tenant, my kaamwali is happy because I’m considerate enough to ask her for a cup of tea on a winter morning, passer-bys don’t notice me; may be an introvert like me doesn’t really needs to be noticed. I pay my bills from my own hard-earned money and sometimes do struggle to make ends meet.

Overall, I’m much like any normal human being on this planet but lately I’ve seen/read so many discussions about millennials that I really get a feeling of being ‘the new animal in the zoo’. At times I don’t understand why the older generations are so obsessed with stereotyping us? Why are we always projected as mindless high-school revolutionaries?

I do agree that we aren’t as experienced as you are but we do have a mind and understanding of our own. We do have a sense of responsibility towards our organisations, our society and towards the entire human race. We don’t beg for kindness from anybody, we work hard to carve our path, trust me it isn’t as easy as you think so. We understand, we are privileged in terms of getting access to today’s technology at a much younger age but not all of us can really afford shitty expensive gadgets.

We wear ideas on our sleeves instead of hearts. We do love the rush, the madness, the newness of places and people. All we ask for is an atmosphere that drives us crazy and compels us to be a better person than we were yesterday. We don’t work for your handsome CTCs or medical cover, we work to help you build a better organisation and fulfil a greater purpose. We look for your guidance not orders. We might sound incorrect at times but we aren’t wrong always, we simply carry different perspectives because we grew up in a much different world and are again building something that will be much more different. You might think that our world will be complex; no it will be much easier. We want to see a world where you get evaluated on the basis of your work not on what you wear to office or how many hours you spend working. We want to build a Do-it-yourself world instead of Do-it-for-me.

Stop judging us on how many dates we pick every weekend or how many months our relationships last. Your generation must have had its own crazy times; do we come asking for it? No!

As far as our loyalties as an employee is concerned, keep giving us innovative environment, we will keep serving you success stories but please stop overrating us! We aren’t celebs or politicians. Not all of us believe in being job-hoppers. We’re a much normal generation that carries all kinds of individuals, some will grow up to be billionaires, some will be their employees, some might just remain being NOTHING, much like in your generation.

So let’s bear with each other and build a better world!

Peace Out!

Udisha M.

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An Engineer by degree, Digital Marketer by profession and a Blogger by passion, Udisha is an aspiring writer and a published poet. She has contributed on leading Indian and international defence forums. A born foodie, she has a keen interest in contemporary literature and cinema. She’s biased towards humans with intellect. Reach her on

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