Hike Messenger: Rise of The Indian Unicorn

The story of youngest Indian unicorn

The story of youngest Indian unicorn

Hike Messenger hit the billion dollar evaluation mark in the month of August and grabbed my attention. Following its success story for quiet some time now, here’s a candid take on the mobile messenger’s success.

Hike offers around 10,000 stickers in about 40 languages for ultimate user experience

The recent evaluation of Hike Messenger has set the industry on rage. Founded on 12-12-12, it’s the youngest Indian startup to achieve the feat of hitting the mark of a Billion Dollar evaluation. While the world goes gaga over the success of this 4-year-old Indian messenger app, it’s time to understand what did they do so right?

Founded by Kavin Mittal, Hike Messenger was just another messaging app in playstore and Apple app store till few years back but they had innovations to offer and that was free internet SMSing. That was a time when smartphones were owned by a few privileged ones and internet SMSes were much needed. Hike messenger quickly captured the eyeballs of college going crowd and became a personal favourite for the age group and rest is history.

What fascinates me most is the idea behind the innovation. Kavin Mittal got the idea of inventing a messenger like Hike when he saw a Golgappa seller talking on a primitive phone. He wanted to address the strata of society which is yet to discover the privileges of high-end smartphones. He quickly made progress by providing news and cricket updates on Hike app itself. The smart move clearly showed his vision of capturing a market owned by low-cost smartphones which have less memory to accommodate multiple applications. Cricket being a religion in India definitely has a huge fan following and its updates are must for every citizen. With Hike messenger allowing its users to get them on one single platform without the pain of having another app in phone was a bonus. Other than this, Kavin tied up with leading e-commerce and other portals to provide free coupons which wooed the young crowd even more. From the strategy of giving top-up recharge to those who used Hike messenger more than Whatsapp to introducing privacy mode to protect profile picture and status updates, Kavin has beautifully played on the psyche of young India. The mobile app’s marketing technology has fetched it around 100 million users. On an average its users are exchanging 40 billion messages per month and are spending 120 minutes per week using it. capture-20160926-130441

The success story is not just about the innovation which Hike messenger brought in but also about the way they marketed it. Not long back, the TVCs of Hike messenger clearly targeted the teen and screamed of privacy settings, free coupons, live cricket and news updates which the teens and youth of this generation greatly need. The Social Media Channels of Hike messenger are as quirky and attractive as the coming generation. Their Moment Marketing skills are at par, they don’t miss a single festival or occasion to introduce cool stickers and send wishes to their users. Thus, a much personalized experience. The Digital Marketing spent of Hike Messenger speaks volume of how much they take their Digital presence seriously and this has helped them grab eye-balls of investors. With backing from brands like Bharti Softbank, Tencent, Foxconn Technology group and many more big names, Hike Messenger has proved that it is here to stay!

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