Heroine and heroism

“Be the heroine of your life, not the victim”

I heard this qoute somewhere. It has been an inspiration since that day for me! At times I actually think, what does being a heroine actually means? Is it being a charming, beautiful lady with tons of make-up on those delicate feature! Or it actually means being brave, strong and having the ability to handle anything and everything which comes across!

Our Indian society has always showcased a lady as the “abla-naari” I really fail to understand why? I mean we have examples like Jhansi ki Rani, Rani Chenama, Sarojini Naidu, who have always stood as an exact and appropriate example of “bhartiya-naari” if a girl dresses up traditionally she is laughed at for being too desi types and if a girl dares to dress the western style she is termed as slut in our society. Why so?

Being a heroine is not about, finding a hero or a dashing prince charming, those endings are meant only for fairy tales. I believe that being a heroine doesn’t means that being an all time winner, its about being able to accept defeats and still strive for the goal! Being a heroine is all about standing for yourself, fighting for what you want and coming out as winner. Stop complaining that your life couldn’t be what you wanted because of so-an-so person. Your life is what you wanted it to be. And it can surely become what you want it to be if you start working for it!

because my principals says, “its better to be strong and brave than being pretty and useless!!! :)”

Cheers to all the real heroines.. 🙂




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