A new beginning.

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I can’t deny the fact, that I always dreamed of owning a platform where I could tell those million stories which cloud my mind every now and then. Yes, I already had a blog, and yes, I have done a lot of writing there and even got enough love from it. But, still there was something missing, something which I couldn’t define or describe.

But here’s a new beginning with a new vibe and energy, and thanks to the person who made it possible, Arpit Mishra, my elder brother. 🙂

You keep fighting, keep taunting, keep irritating me, that too in amazingly creative ways! 😛 But, you are always the one who understands my dreams and aspiration more than anyone. So, this post is dedicated to you! I just hope, I manage to keep your gift alive.

Cheers, wish me luck people!

-Udisha M.

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