He Won An Olympic Medal and a Nobel Prize

As incredible it may sound Philip Noel-Baker, an athlete, statesman and advocate of international disarmament won the Olympic medal for 1500 mt. race in 1920. He strongly opposed the wars and served in an ambulance unit during the First World War. His unit was decorated with multiple medals and saved numerous lives. He was a professor of International Law and after that served as a Minister in Winston Churchill’s coalition during the Second World War.

He helped to draw the UN Charter and campaigned for peace and international disarmament life-long. He was awarded a nobel prize for peace in 1959. In an interview, he said, “War is a damnable, filthy thing and has destroyed civilization after civilization – that is the essence of my belief.”

Adding to his qualifications, he also wrote and recorded a popular song at the age of 91.

Team MagMug salutes the multi-faceted stalwart, a man who wrote history.

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