Ganja Justifi3d


Standing by the shore,

Thinking here to fore.

My girl dipped in vanillin,

Oh she was a fuckin whore.

My girl, my friend and my own bed,

Colt’s creation in my hands, both of them shot dead.

On stake was my pride,

And that’s why honey my ganja’s justifi3d.


I always knew what I was good at,

For them I was just a spoilt brat.

My dad misunderstood my goals,

mixed up the roles.

Now I burn my ass as an accountant.

For him it’s merely a substitute.

I feel my girl is a gigolo and I am a prostitute.

All my life I cried and lied,

And that’s why honey my ganja’s justifi3d.


I was terribly weak,

more precisely a freak.

I was scared,

But none of the motherfuckers really cared.

And now I’m all on my own,

Beard and bushes all grown,

Still afraid of the fight called life,

And that’s why honey my ganja’s justifi3d.


Things I could see with my eyes closed,

things that we all dread the most.

Feel someone staring real close,

when you know, there is no one home.

But now I play the host.

Don’t give a shit if it’s devil or ghost.

I smelled the shit and I’m glad I tried,

And that’s why honey my ganja’s justifi3d.

                                                                                                    —-Anant Gyan Singh

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