Faith N Fate || Chapter-6

Faith N Fate.


“His parents have fixed his match with other girl! He is marrying her! Its over Itee!”, Omisha told coldly.
“Omi! But you guys got along so well even after the break-up! You forgave him for all his mistakes, isn’t it?”, Itisha was unable to gulp whatever Omisha was telling her. She had thought that the misunderstandings between Omisha and Atharv are completely sorted off.
“He says I am a kid! I am not mature enough to handle the household, I have to still see a lot in life!”, Omisha was telling it all without any trace of emotion.
“What the hell is he talking? You can’t handle household? I mean you are the one who has been taking care of everything since so long! And you can’t handle things! Is he mad or what?”, Itisha replied disgusted.
“Its OK Itee! Its not he who is mad, its me who was mad! I shouldn’t have fallen for him! Let it go Itee! I have cried enough for him! I don’t want to cry anymore!”, Omisha seemed determined and composed. Her voice was trembling in pain but she showed the strength to overcome it!
“He is a looser Omi! A bloody looser! You should have given that coward a tight slap before leaving!”, Itisha’s anger was showing up in her eyes.
“Let it be Itee! I said na, I knew this will happen someday! My blind faith has brought such havoc in my fate! Let it be!”, said Omisha, and left for the washroom. She washed her face again and again, and let those tears wash away.



Omisha decided to concentrate on her career completely. She made a promise to herself that she will forget about Atharv completely! She wont let his memories haunt her anymore!

Atharv was a lost memory for her now! She refused to miss him or even cry for him! She knew that she deserves better and got set to achieve it!

Omisha managed to clear each and every entrance which she gave. She scored a top score in CAT, cleared her competitive exams. She surprised everyone by bagging the highest number of medals in her college fest! She became so busy in making her life perfect, that she didn’t even get any time to sit and cry for someone like Atharv!

It was the month of Maha-kumbh in Allahabad. The fair which is considered to be most significant auspicious occasion in the Hindu religion. Allahabad was experiencing tourist visits from all across the world. From Naga Saints to Jews and Buddhist, every one came to take a holy dip in Ganga and ask for forgiveness for their past sins.

The over crowding of Maha-Kumbh always comes with a side effect of stampede. But this time, the government officials claimed to have a full proof plan for the crowd management!

Omisha went with Itisha and two of her more friends to offer a Holy dip in the Ganga on the full moon day. Everything happened to be going well. All the devotees were moving in discipline and were making their offerings to Mother Ganga.

Suddenly, somebody screamed out a rumor, that there’s a bomb installed in the fair. The devotees couldn’t think much and started running for their lives.  The police officials tried controlling the crowd by making appeals and asking them to calm down, but every attempt was becoming futile. Nobody bothered to take a look at officials.

Omisha and her friends also got caught between the crowd. It seemed like a nightmare. Every person was running on a different pace, as if each and every man is trying to outrun the next one thinking that he will be saved from the bomb blast if he escapes before him. In a fraction of seconds, the entire holy fair  became a ground for cries and groans.

Nobody cared whom were they leaving behind. The youngsters were managing to escape whereas the oldies cried for help!

“Run Omi run! We need to run, or else we will also get killed by these hooligans!”, Itisha pulled Omisha.
Omisha held her hand and they started running towards the exit.

“Someone help! Please help!”, she heard someone groaning. Omisha turned back, there was a woman in her 50’s lying on the ground almost dead. She must have been unable to run with the crowd and would have fallen and stepped upon by the public.
“Omi! What the hell are you doing? We will get killed! Run!”, screamed Itisha in urgency.
“Itee! You go ahead, I will manage!”, said Omisha, trying to go back in the mob!
“Omi! Are you nuts? Run!”, Itisha panicked.
“Itee! I know what am doing! You go ahead, that lady needs my help!”, Omisha left Itisha’s hand and hurried towards the lady.
“God! This is madness shear madness! You are staking your life for a stranger!”, Itisha kept screaming and followed Omisha. Leaving her best-friend behind in such kind of situation was never an option for her!

“Aunty! Don’t worry we are here!”, said Omisha trying to bring the lady back to her senses.
“Itee! You just form a cover, don’t let anybody step this side!”, she directed Itisha. She immediately took the charge.

Omisha tried picking up the lady, but she couldn’t do it alone. Her weight was quite enough to pull Omisha down. Anyhow, Omisha and Itisha managed to pick the victim on their shoulders and move to a safe end.

“Omi! What if there’s some bomb in actual? We all will die if we stayed here!”, said Itisha worried.
Omisha wasn’t paying any attention. She pulled out a little bottle from her bag and sprinkled water on the lady’s face in a hope that she will gain her conscious. But she didn’t.

“Itee! she is seriously injured. We cant wait for the mob to get controlled, we need to get out anyhow to get some medical help!”, screamed Omisha.
“Omi! Now am gonna kick you! From where will we get a medical help? Tell me?”, Itisha’s jaws were dropped. What was Omisha talking?

Omisha pondered for a while and said, “Look! everyone is running away from the river bank! Isn’t it?”
“Yeah! So?”, Itisha replied in wonders.
“But! We have the guards on the banks also! Who are there to save anyone who is drowning! They are equipped with medical facilities also! If we reach there anyhow, we will be able to help her out!”, Omisha was sure about her full proof plan.
“Omi! What are you talking? Do you think we will be able to reach there? Its almost 800 meters! Do you think we will be able to walk that much in this stampede, that too in opposite direction!”, Itisha was out of senses. She wasn’t getting what kind of daredevil act Omisha is planning.

Omisha didn’t explained much, she simply dropped all her belongings and picked the lady and asked Itisha to help. The duo started running towards the river bank or exactly the opposite direction to the crowd.

People were throwing each other on themselves. Omisha and Itisha fell down thrice in the crowd, but they didn’t gave up. Both of them kept running with the lady till the time they didn’t reached the bank!

They found some guards there, most them had however been sent to control the mob. They begged them for help. Omisha had hurt her head, and was herself bleeding, but she didn’t bothered.

Guards were kind enough to put them in one of their life boats and take them to a safer shore. They offered the basic first aid and provided their ambulance for the nearest hospital.

Finally Omisha and Itisha managed to save the lady. She was out of danger but was still unconscious.

Omisha picked her phone and dialed Atharv’s number.
Atharv was startled to see her number flashing on his phone’s screen. He picked the call immediately. “Your mom is hospitalized in the City Hospital, come over fast!”, she said blankly and finished the call.

Atharv went numb for a while! What was Omisha talking? How come she is with my mom? But these questions were too less in front of Atharv’s worry for his mother, he immediately took his bike and reached the hospital.

Omisha was standing there, with bandages on head, hands, shoulder and few wounds here and there. He instantly understood that it was she who has suffered to save his mom.

“Omi!”, he uttered her name but couldn’t come out with anything else.
“Your mom was injured in stampede! So I brought her here!”, she again talked to him without showing any expression.
“Omi! Thanks! You bothered to save my mom even when I?”, Atharv’s eyes were lowered in guilt. He could feel a lump forming in his throat. He was unable to bring out proper words to say anything to her.
“Atharv! Take care of your mom! I need to go! Bye and all the best for your married life!”, she said and held Itisha’s hand and started walking towards the hospital exit.

Atharv kept staring at her, it was this strong girl whom he blamed to be a kid, it was this kind lady whom he blamed to be too jealous, it was this braveheart because of whom his mom was alive that too when he left her when she needed him the most.

“Omi!”, Atharv gathered all his strength and called her out.

She turned back. He walked towards her, got into the attention position and saluted her!!!!

“I know I can’t change the things I have done! But I want to tell you! You are brave and very brave!”, Atharv had drops of tears at the corner of his eyes. Omisha smiled at him and wished him luck and walked away.

A tear rolled down her eye, but she kept walking………
She knew she is brave, she knew she is strong and above all she knew she deserves better!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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