Faith N Fate || Chapter-3

Faith N Fate.


“I went with all the things I had got for him! In a hope that he will understand, but he didn’t say anything!”, Omisha narrated her tale to Itisha.

She was astound and angry at the same time. How can a man get so ruthless to a girl who loves him so much. Her mind went back to the day when Omisha told her about him…………………….


“Itee, you know what? He asked for my number today!”, said Omisha blushing.
“Who? That Orkut guy? What did you do?”, asked Itisha.
“Stop calling him ‘that Orkut guy’, his name is Atharv. I was not sure to give him my number. He said he is getting posted in Rajasthan and wont be able to come online for months together. So he asked me for my number!”, Omisha answered innocently.
“So what did you do? Did you give him your number?”, Itisha inquired.
“I was not sure to give him or not, so I asked for his, saying that I will think about it. If it will be fine, I will text him mine or else sorry!”, Omisha said. She was actually not sure to start telephonic conversation with Atharv or not.
“What are you thinking to do?”, Itisha asked.
“Itee it has been 3 days since he left for Rajasthan, I haven’t spoken to him. I am missing him!”, Omisha’s eyes went moist, she was actually feeling helpless without Atharv. She had started sharing everything with him and needed him.
“Alright! If you are missing him so much, go ahead and text him your number, but remember you shouldn’t cross the line! You still don’t know him personally. Keep a control on your emotions!”, Itisha warned her.

So, finally Omisha typed on her phone, “Hey Atharv, this is Omisha! How are you doing?” and took the name of god and pressed the ‘send’ button on Atharv’s number. Her heart was racing fast as to what will be his reaction? How will he behave? Will he call back or text? Or just ignore it, without paying any heed to her message.

Omisha closed her eyes and started praying, suddenly her phone beeped, it was Atharv’s reply. She excitedly clicked on the message icon and opened it, it read as,
“Hey hi! I am doing good! Honestly speaking it would be a lie if I say i wasn’t expecting a text from you! Thanks for showing this trust in me! I am obliged!”

Omisha blushed, she didn’t expected this kind of response from him, instead hoped for just a small “Hi-hello” kinda reply. She texted him back and their conversation started in the same way as it did on the Orkut.

Omisha stayed glued to her phone all the time, her goodmornings, good-nights everything became dependent on Atharv’s messages.

It was almost a month since Omisha and Atharv had been texting each other. Finally after some while Omisha thought of playing a prank on him. She actually needed a reason to hear his voice, she started wondering how his voice would have been, must be deep, strong and very masculine.

She sent him a random text saying, “NO balance! please call back! its urgent!”

Atharv received the text and felt astonished and anxious at the sametime, as to what has happened to her that she has sent such an urgent text.

He called her back, Omisha smiled to see his name flashing on her phone’s screen and picked the call.
“Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!”, he screamed from the other end.
Omisha’s heart skipped a beat, “God! he sounds like kid! His voice is so sweet and soothing!” she thought to herself.

“Hey! are you there?”, Atharv asked, Omisha was absolutely lost in her thoughts.
“Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..!!!!”, he called again.
“I ammmm… am there… Hi! How are you? Anyways April Fool!!!”, she said gaining back her composure.
“What? Sorry can’t get you? How did I become a fool? You asked me to call na?”, he answered, absolutely clueless of what she was saying.
“Ha… ha… ha… that message was a prank dear! It was a fool’s day message which you didn’t read full! Happy fool’s day! You are my bakra now!”, she laughed taking pride on her smartness.
“Ha… ha… haa.. ha.. Alright! Where did you get such weird ideas from?”, Atharv laughed out.

This was just another stage of their blooming innocent friendship, they laughed together on his stupidity and thanked each other for letting this day get successfully celebrated, so that they could hear each other’s blissful voices.

Since that day, Atharv started calling Omisha on a routine basis. Their each and every conversation came up with some or the other idiotic non sense but they felt happy to talk to each other. Omisha was Atharv’s bundle of joy. He spoke to her whenever he felt low. She made him smile no matter what the circumstances were!

Atharv started treating her as one of his closest friends. Omisha still had that soft lovely corner in her heart for him and somewhere wanted him to say that he too feels the same.

But as Itisha had warned her earlier she kept a check on her emotions and kept talking to Atharv. Something more was to happen to their story and she kept wondering what????????????????????????

TO BE CONTINUED…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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