When Engineers define the Future: My Experience at NASSCOM Engineering Summit

You know life is blissful when you get paid to study technology all day long, write about it, travel for it, meet great people, enjoy good hospitality and a lot more. I can never imagine a job as fulfilling as mine. Being working for NASSCOM [National Association of Software Companies] gave me this golden chance of attending the NASSCOM Design and Engineering Summit consecutively for the second year. Ah yay!

Themed on ‘Imagineering for the Digital Future‘, the summit discussed topics like Design Thinking, Rise of Internet of Things, BigData usage and Artificial Intelligence, Self Driving Cars, 3D Printing, Aerospace designing, to transforming a traditional enterprise for a digital age. Presided over by who’s who of the industry, the two-day extravaganza was enough to blow your mind with insights and jaw dropping facts.

Starting with the workshop on connected vehicles led by S. Sreegururaj from Tech Mahindra talked about the rising need of sensor-driven smart vehicles and the market seems to be very receptive. Another masterclass was led by Deepa Bachu from Pensaar India on Design Thinking. One of the most interactive sessions, she helped people create the road map to design thinking and the key point to takeaway: ‘Innovation is not just about products, it’s about business models. ct-ksbvwiaq7vki-jpgArdhendu Pathak from Airbus conducted various 3D Design activities in his Deep Dive Session. Attendees came up with innovative solutions like how can 3D Printing help in Disaster Management, in Medical conditions and a lot more. Ardhendu summed up beautifully saying, ‘Collaboration is the way of life.‘ Then came the man who won our hearts and left us awestruck by his endurance of empowering India with a Self Driving Car, Roshy M. took the stage to talk about his personal project. His vision of developing extremely sophisticated predictive models that can work on Indian roads and his countless trials inspired every attendee. We wish him all the best and wish that his dream comes true soon.

Moving on to the main conference, R. Chandrashekhar, President, NASSCOM talked about how the lines between the manufacturing and software is blurring. Kevin Ashton, the much awaited speaker and Father of IoT gave us the mantra of technology evolution, ‘Technology moves from Ridiculous to Miraculous and finally to Monotonous.

Kevin Ashton left us speechless with his predictions.

Kevin Ashton left us speechless with his predictions.

Talking on the challenges of enterprise transformation, Paul Humphries from Flextronics confessed that it’s difficult for a hardware company to make software. Day 1 ended with a superb advice coming from Karthikeyan Natranjan from Tech Mahindra saying, ‘Don’t take a bazooka to kill mosquitoes’ referring to solutions fitting the problem.

Day 2 started with a fireside chat with S.N. Subrahmanyam, M.D., L&T and he shared the company’s vision of, ‘Digital Enterprise that builds the physical world.‘ Followed by him, Thomas Jakob from Bosch shared, ‘One of the key barriers we found in Bosch was, it’s not about the technology, it’s about the business model.‘ on the enterprise upgradation. In an exciting revelation, Prassana from Mercedes Benz told us that, ‘The best time for automobile is yet to come.‘ Supporting the fact, Karthikeyan Natranjan also said, ‘It’s going to be an exciting time for automobile industry. We are going to jump 3 curves in 2 decades.

The summit was well concluded with the signature statement coming from Silvio Pietro Angie, ‘Design makes the world a better place.’

A learning that will stay with me for a very long time, NASSCOM Design and Engineering Summit was nothing less than a roller coaster ride. It passed in a blink of an eye but has given me the pride of a contributor in its success. To sum up, I would say, ‘Disruption has existed and will tend to exist, you can either be excited to embrace the change or get disrupted and die.’

Udisha M.

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