Eight World’s best Under Water Restaurants

Al Mahara


Located on a man-made island in Dubai, the Al Mahara is an underwater restaurant. The name Al Mahara translates to ‘the oyster shell’, in Arabic, so seafood cuisine is present in plenty. The restaurant is also well known for its exotic wine list for which it has won the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence in 2014. The place is completely surrounded by thick glass and gives an aquarium like view with all sea life swimming by, completely a view to remember.


Aquarium Restaurants


Present at Houston, Nashville, Denver, and Kemah, they offer different size tanks and different view, but the cuisine is same. The aquarium is a huge 15,000 gallons and their highlights include sawfish, guitarfish, and rays. Its seafood-rich menu includes calamari, lobsters, lobsters mac and cheese and crabmeat. Other options include burgers, chicken cheesesteaks etc.


Atrium Bar, Berlin

Berlin best restaurant

The Atrium Bar is one of its own kind restaurants. With 25 metres high cylindrical aquarium called ‘AquaDom’, which hovers directly above the bar, is the biggest in the world. With 2, 00,000 gallons of water and over kinds of fish, it is the main attractions of the restaurant. Then comes the 22 paged big menus which have a large variety of wines, cocktails, beer, snacks, pizzas to offer, you are suing to find your taste in it.


Cargo Hold Restaurant, Durban, South Africa

South Africa best underwater restaurant

Built on the uShaka marine theme park, this replica of the famous Phantom Ship is the ultimate experience of underwater restaurants. The built of the ship is especially given a rusty, broken look. The aquarium is also built the boat.  The restaurant offers many seafood cuisines, like gnocchi, kingklip, duck and ostrich carpaccio appetizers, as the sharks swim around the aquarium all the while. The cargo also holds options for holiday themed occasions and parties.


Forbes Island, San Francisco

San Fransisco best underwater restaurant

Forbes Island, as the name suggests, is indeed an island restaurant. While the restaurant is addressed at Pier 41, guests need to take a water taxi named ‘Titanic’ from Pier 39. As the stairs descend, they reach the dining room located under water, decorated in a ship gallery theme. The menu includes some mouth-watering dishes lie wild mushroom, crab, scallop salad, salmon, just to name a few. There is an also diverse wine selection.


Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

Itahaa Underwater restaurant, maldives best restaurant

This restaurant is special in its own ways: It opened as the first underwater restaurant in the world, in 2005, it has also been ranked as the Most Beautiful Restaurants in The World and also one of the most romantic and expensive restaurants. The restaurant is situated 5 meters below the surface, it features an exotic view of the sea-life and surrounding coral gardens, as exotic is the menu which includes agnolotti of duck, beef tenderloin, and others.


Ossaiano, Dubai

Dubai best underwater restaurant

Not only it is said to be a world class underwater restaurant, it has also named the Best Seafood Restaurant. 65,000 species of different sea life swim past you, as the guests are served Catalan based seafood dishes from award-winning chefs. There’s also a bar, afternoon tea service with lively music for the guest’s entertainment. The restaurant is decorated in gourmet style, spiral stairs and setting that is sure to make your evening mesmerizing.


Sea, Maldives


Glass walls, the glass ceiling and completely surrounded dining room is what define the Sea Restaurant at Maldives. This restaurant serves dishes like poached lobster, pan-seared Canadian scallops, wagyu beef Wellington, assorted fish and seafood medley. It also has a wine cellar, ranked as the World’s Best Wine List in both 2014 and 2015, as well as Wine Spectator Award of Excellence.

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