Difference between girl and a lady! Random Thoughts #6

Random Thoughts #6

Difference between girl and a lady!!

Every person has his own line to distinguish between a girl and a lady! But I believe that a girl or a lady is not determined by the age, color or anything but the ability of a woman to believe and understand that she was born to treated like a lady and not a girl!

A girl might plan an avenge, but a lady knows and believes in the principals of ‘karma’, she knows she doesn’t have to waste her precious time on worthless people anymore! Time will itself do justice to her!

A girl might create a drama to seek attention where as a lady trusts her instincts and caliber, she knows she will create a stature for herself with her hardwork!

A girl may feel secured and successful by marrying some man, but a lady won’t think so, instead will work hard to achieve all that the man has!

A girl might spill tears for you again and again, but a lady will cry for you once and then promise herself that she won’t waste any more tears on a worthless creature like you!

A girl might be seen regretting her past, but a lady laughs at it saying it taught her many important lessons in life!

Udisha M.

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