Diary of a ‘COMMON’ Indian.

Day:1 || An encounter with my ‘common’ India.

Dear diary,

Today I started for my evening walk from my place at 7:00 P.M. As usual this biting cold was taking its toll over my pace! I didn’t wanted to walk much, but I kept walking as staying stagnant at a place made me shiver much more!

I heard the music of a ‘damroo’ from a distance, I walked towards that music, its beats were making my legs hurry towards its tune!

I went near and saw a pair or in correct words a ‘couple’ of Monkeys dancing over the tune. That was the stereotype ‘Bandar-bandariya ka naach’ being supervised by a ‘madaari’.

I forgot everything about my walk, removed my earphones, and started watching those monkeys hopping and jumping at every instruction given by their master! It made me nostalgic, my childhood memories started over-whelming me!

common man




There was a time when we didn’t had any PSP and X-boxes, we requested out parents to take us to the annual fair or ‘mela’ where we could watch such street shows! This was an integral part of our life and also a symbol of our ‘common’ Indian culture!

I know many people argue saying that our Indian culture or such traditions are vanishing with time! I don’t agree with them! The metro life-style has made these things confined to very petty levels, but they are still there! No matter what all gadgets we provide to our kids, they still love to watch these ‘bandar-bandariya ka naach’, and this is what a ‘common’ Indian is!

-by a common Indian [written by Udisha M.]



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