My mind insane, all I want is fame,

I am ready to gamble and garble.

Damn those ethics, they can rush to drain.

I conjure to be the next “Kaiser”

From the guy next door to the lone survivor.

Ya I know, I know, it’s a hard nut to crack.

Trust me I’ll have every chance to brag!!

They say “Avarice”is the root of all evils”

I yell “it’s the only root to the top of the hill”

Destination’s what matter,

No matter if it’s your friend or foe you have to kill.

I am a backstabber when it comes to victory,

& voluble enough to create mystery.

I know self-praise is no recommendation,

but it acts as a tool for self-exploration.

Nothing is wrong till the time you don’t regret it,

Life is nothing, just an exhibition of wit.

You can get things done with a strike of fist.

The only better option is wricking the wrist.

I wonder, why be a saint and do what you never want,

Better be a devil, and do things that count.

But you gotto remember, as you do evil, look for like,

Coz you’re not the only one out there to strike.

Never ever blame yourself,

for a simple reason that situations make perceptions.

Never ever curse your destiny,

coz you learn even from deceptions.

It’s not necessary that you win everytime,

But trust me you’ll master the art if you keep on trying.

Atleast, you’ll have something to boast about.

It’s anyways better being a loser, sitting and crying.

My acts are only the repurcussions,

Of the past that I had to bear.

Still I am grateful to the mighty lord,

To execute this plan and flush out all my fears.

A bad man is better than a bad name.

& it becomes easier to strive for fame.

I have that plastic smile on my face,

that’s gonna extricate me from the complications of the game.

The guy with the most selfless intentions,

Proves to be the one,

entangled in the cobweb of frustration,

On stretching the hands in the darker times,

finds nothing but a thousand apprehensions.

It’s not my fault that I find eternal pleasure

in crushing my competitor’s dream into the finest of pieces,

but that’s what happens,

when the DEVIL in me unleashes.

                                                                         –Anant Gyan Singh


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