Confession of a writer

“What do you want to become in life?”, somebody asked me.
“May be a writer!”, I replied
“What? A love-story writer! Isn’t it?”, the person again fired a question at me! He had gone through my blog and was quiet convinced that I have no-brains, hence love writing love stories! [are love story writers brainless? o.O I didn’t knew that!]

“NO! I would like to a be comics writer, or may publish a graphic novel some day!”, I replied.
“Graphic what?”, That person made a face as if I have cracked a ridiculously pathetic joke!

“Kindly google ‘graphic novels’! You may get what I am trying to say!”, I replied with a poker face. This was not the first time someone had looked down upon me, because I write love stories that too when I am ‘seriously grammatically challenged!’ [and I gracefully accept that, yes I am!]

*after consulting google for graphic novels*

“Ha..ha..ha..ha.. What a crap! Only you can think of doing such stupidity!”, he laughed.
“Yeah, I know I am super stupid! But still, can I ask you for a favor?”, I asked him looking straight at his face.
“Say!”, he replied with a smirk.
“Can you help me in drawing a picture presentation for my little cousin! Its an emergency, or else I wouldn’t have asked you for it!”, I asked him.
“Sure! What all I have to draw?”
“You just need to convey the tale of thirsty crow via pictures!”
“Oh that’s an age old story, who doesn’t knows about it!”
“Yeah, that’s why it will be very easy, go ahead! No words, only pictures!”, I said, and gave him the pencil and paper.

I saw him struggling with the images in his mind, he would draw random things on paper and then rubbed them! I saw him scratching his head, looking here and there for inspiration, but nothing was working.

*after an hour*

“So, are you done with the story?”, I asked him.
“NO!”, he replied giving a ‘god-I-am-fed-up-of-this-work!’ expression.
“You said, that conveying a story through pictures is so easy that it falls in category of stupidity! Now, you only failed in it! Now which category should you fall in?”, I asked him with a stern look.

He went quiet, embarrassment was all he had on his face.

“If you don’t know about something, kindly don’t hold an opinion about it driven by your pseudo intellectuality!”

-Udisha M.

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