AYHLIS: The Unclaimed Community We All Should Fear


With so many of us turning into “Mr./Ms. Know-it-all” today, it doesn’t take much time for a conversation to turn into a discussion first, second into an argument, then into a quarrel and eventually into a fight, owing majorly to the egotistically supreme nature that these Messrs and The Misses have developed lately, which is predominantly based on absolutely nothing logical at all. It is shockingly ludicrous to find people who have such tenacious standpoints, judgments and perceptions about things they know about only by a hair’s breadth. You can find them everywhere. They are in your offices, in your gym, in trains, buses, flights, at bars and clubs, on social networking forums, in your neighborhood and friend circle, even in your family. And they talk. They talk about whole collection of subjects as if they really know them (they are deluded too :D), be it education,  career, politics/government, environment, policies and rights, medicine, armed forces, terrorism, finance, technologies, countries, law, food, travel, science, history, religion, taboos, socialism, communalism, secularism and a lot more. And also, by obscuring these pitiful vapid little minds even more, the media today is adding more subjects to the unending list of topics to debate upon by these resolute scholars of modern India; a few examples of such subjects would be Tolerance/In-tolerance, Nationalists/Anti-Nationalists, Feminism/Misogyny and more.

The scary part is that these half-literate, attention yearning preachers with copious amounts of energy to blabber and the same amount of confidence if not more, are plenitude. You might not believe me when I say all that. That would obviously be not a shocker for me as I myself got face to face with this hollow specie of humans only when I took off my earphones in public, apparently to relax my eardrums, but the whole idea back-fired in an instant. I found everyone around me talking and talking utter non-sense, and that too about stuff that a 6 year old could have comprehended of being “utter non-sense”. What was more of a hair raiser for me was to watch people buy what this unique specie had to offer them in these highly provocative conversations as I watched their heads swinging from top to down in affirmative motion which made me laugh and worry at the same time. If you want some proofs of their absurdity you can always check-out the comment section on any post (preferably something related to religion or an ongoing political controversy) on any of social networking forums and you will know what kind of mess they create down there. Five minutes of good read can make you dizzy and make you long for your favorite alcoholic beverage.

It has become imperative to realize the dangers and consequences of being too close to this majority class named AYHLIS (Attention-Yearning-Half-Literate-Scholars). Let us know AYHLIS some more and find how can AYHLIS be dangerous for other sensible minorities.


  • They are mostly permanent citizens of this country which means they play role in choosing the government by using their wit based on the partial knowledge they accumulate either through television or through social media or through a fellow AYHLIST (Attention Yearning-Half-Literate-Scholar).


  • They always have an audience to persuade. Those with lack of education, experience and who fall into even lower strata in terms of logic, sense and knowledge than the members of AYHLIS are in abundance too and these are the ones who turn out to be AYHLIS’ fans and followers at later stages.


  • With confidence as high as a hippie high on crystal meth and ketamine combined, its hard for you to make them understand anything whatsoever. It’s easier to make a dead cat understand that it is dead.


  • Their confidence and defiance helps them build a lot of credibility among equally untutored audience, which with the help of their breathtaking level of ignorance and lack of prudence are capable of raising a mob, and The Mob is powerful than everything else in our democratic nation.


  • AYHLIS have to have a say in every conversation no matter if they are a part of it or not. They have a viewpoint on everything that they are even remotely related to or otherwise, and they would rather die forcing their viewpoint upon you than understand yours; that is the level of commitment and integrity they show towards their goals.


  • They believe in forceful edification, what we call naseehat in Urdu and muft ka gyan in Hindi. The topics for edification can vary from your family to your relationship with your spouse, from your career to what car you should buy, from your hairstyle to what friends you should choose, from what you should wear to when you should get married and to whom. One important thing to note here is that the member of AYHLIS community need not be an expert in any of the fields mentioned above to provide you with edification.


  • One key characteristic of AYHLIS is that they never perform where no one is seeing because then the whole point is lost. They yearn attention hence perform in full public view which makes social network their favorite area of operation. Next come restaurants, pubs, trains and other public places. It is not uncommon to spot these members with fellow members to seek support when the argument somehow gets weak.


  • Mastering the art of imitation has aided them in keeping the conversations going even if they do not have enough substance to talk about. They imitate each other, news anchors, their favorite actors, poets, sometimes even you and everyone else they could and yet they claim their originality.


  • Two of the most important attributes that this community has earned during the course of their journey are their inability to understand sarcasm and the ability to change the direction of the whole conversation altogether. Both these attributes were important to be listed together as they go hand in hand. Their inability to understand sarcasm or satire of any sort, even if in their support, is complimented by their ability to turn the conversation to another direction preferably towards some kind of spiteful controversy in order to reach their goal of insulting the silent and sane, making themselves bigger somehow.


  • The best way to identify an AYHLIST is that you would never hear them say “I don’t know”. You start the topic and they will talk about it, though making sense is not a pre-requisite. They also master the art of contradicting themselves whenever required. They are known for wearing double standards on their sleeves and hypocrisy round their waists.


I personally would want to warn you against this new but fast growing community of becoming  the biggest potential threat to your mental harmony and hence make an appeal to you stay away from it and pledge not to become a part of it yourself.


^ Issued in public interest

                                                                                                                                                                    -Anant Gyan Singh

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Why Is The King Always Lonely?

Why is the king Always Lonely

There’s always a desire to be a king in all of us. We want to be number 1, we want to be the rulers and not the ones to get ruled. We run the rat race only to reach the finishing point and then learn that nothing like that really exists. There’s no end to this blind race of desires and unfulfilled wishes. Our expectations only keep soaring and by the time we learn that there’s no winner in this ‘rat race’, it’s already late.

I don’t know if I am the right person to write this, but I really pity the ones who ascend the thrones and entitle themselves with coveted position of the ‘king’.  I really think of their pain as to whom do they really get to talk to when the entire world is under their feet? They don’t have anyone standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them and holding them when they need support. Whom do they really call when they are sick or weak? Or may be, they don’t even have the liberty to be sick or weak. What kind of wretched life is this?

Why do we want to be the king when there’s no companionship, no luxury of friendship there? Why are we such sadist that we want to subject ourselves to so much pain? Why?

And as usual the question remains unanswered.
– Udisha M.


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Yes, we are introverts!

wallie.539“You are an introvert! A bloody self centred hypocrite! I have never seen a heartless, selfish woman like you! Bloody feminist!”

This was may be the worst kind of insult I have ever been subjected to in my life! But, that was the day, which left me with millions of unanswered questions! Is being an introvert means being self-centred? Or I am a hypocrite? Do I lack empathy to such levels, that I am tagged as heartless, or I am actually this selfish? I do believe in gender equality, but this doesn’t mean I am a feminist or I hate men! wallie.537

Then why were these adjectives being used for me? 

May be because the world has this atrocious habit of judging people by what they look and what they say! If, somebody chooses to differ or stay quiet, he is always a misfit to the ‘crowd’

Yes, we are introverts, and we like being alone! We are deeply in love with our solitude, we don’t like being disturbed or questioned too much about our thoughts! We talk when we want to, we make ourselves unavailable intentionally, just to seek that one moment of love with ourselves! We don’t like a huge bunch of people around us, we prefer being surrounded by a few chosen ones or sometimes not even then!

Is that thing agitating for you?

If yes, then trust me, it’s not our fault! We aren’t self-centred, we do care for people whom we love and trust me, we don’t need to prove this to the world! That’s the beauty of an introvert! 

We are hypocrites? Oh really? We are the ones who are brutal in terms of expression. We don’t give a shit about this world, we are happy to be the weirdos, the bloody misfits! We are WE! And that’s what we are! Is this being hypocrite? Then Yooo…hoooo… We are that!

As far as being selfish or heartless is concerned! Then read the above text, the answer is conspicuous. 

We prefer writing over speaking, we can overwhelm anyone with the power of our pens. We are the quiet ones, but not the lifeless ones! We stay alone because we want to! We take eons to fall in love, or get over with it! Don’t try to push us outside our tiny cubicles, you might lose us forever.  We are not hard to understand, only if you try seeing us with our perspective! 

-Udisha M.


Writer and storyteller

‘Writer ‘
They called. And as usual, I felt offended. Don’t know why, don’t know how. But yes I did! 
I know there must be millions or maybe everybody who finds it a compliment but not me. 
Am I a sadist? Or a maniac? 
God knows! Paradox might be the right word. But let’s not get into this business of defining me.
As this post is a justification of the reason for feeling offended when being addressed as a ‘writer’
During my growing up years, I wasn’t a voracious reader; honestly, I am still the same. I never had the ability to read anything and everything, and I still don’t have unlike many others. (Intellectual people to be precise)
I read only what I like, or only things which bound me to them, called me within themselves, asked me questions, slapped my ideologies, shattered my ego. Yes, I still like such stuff.
No, I am not a geek. As I said, I am a paradox. 
The only thing which I learnt from my choices of books and writings is that, not everyone has an appetite for the so called intellect, not everybody is interested in complicated philosophies, and not everybody is same!  Some people (including me) choose to be lame. And they are happy to be that!
And the most important thing, sometimes the most complicated truths are addressed by simple expressions and many a times the simplest expressions take eons to take the face of truth. 
Too complicated?
Yes it is! If you will view it from the eyes of a writer, yes it is complicated.
But from the perception of a ‘storyteller ‘ it’s simple, you like it! Go for it! You don’t like it! No need to give a fuck about it! No complications, no extravagant motives. Just a plain and candid string of sentences containing the meaning of those flying thoughts.
The patrons of literary masterpieces will as always argue with you for such an attitude, but trust me dude, not everybody is intellectual enough to understand that simple things are more complicated than the ones which seem complicated in reality.
So before you call me a ‘writer’ kindly understand something, I am not here to write, I am here to, ‘tell stories’. 
Of those deadly crimes, of that girl-next-door, of that old faceless face, of that ghost and witch, and many other idiotic things which are so-not-intellectual. 
You think we are rebels? 
Nah. We are just the ‘storytellers’writer vs storyteller
-Udisha M.

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Why I write?

Why I write? 

I don’t write to create literary masterpieces! I don’t write to match that sky-high heavy lexicon! I don’t write to be called as Shakespeare or Keats! I am hell not interested in creating classics! Yeah! You are right! I am not even good enough to do that!
I write for myself! I write for that unconsolidated voice which keeps screaming in me! I write for those flawless flaws! I write for all those things you termed Impossible! I write for myself!
Read or reject it! That’s genuinely none of my business!!!

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no title!

I don’t belong to here,
the sense of belonging eludes me! Don’t know, Am I a believer or an atheist, I want to believe, but belief gets eroded by the mortal existence.
There is something in the air, so suffocating and so disheartening, may be the questions which fill my mind more than anything! 
I don’t belong to where I live, neither do I belong to the space I wish to live. I am a wanderer, whose soul keeps travelling to unknown lands, to undiscovered places. Fighting undefined battles, loving faceless faces! Neither do I belong to the places I travel, nor to the places I have chosen to live. Because I am a wanderer, who doesn’t has a home nor a will! I want to rest, but there is something which doesn’t stops, its just doesn’t stops to let me take a breath, a breath of fresh air, or a gulp of life!
What is it? How is it? Don’t know!
But it is there, somewhere deep, somewhere inside there, which pierces the bone and flesh, and the soul refuses to rest!

-Udisha M.
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An open letter to the citizens of India, from an anonymous U.P. woman.

Dear citizens of India,
Well, Uttar Pradesh is that one state which is hated by many, loved by few but is just not ignorable. We are known for our population[eh.. there are hardly handful of “countries” which beat us in that!] our illiteracy, our “desi gawarpana” and above all, we are the ‘Bhaiya jis’ and “Behan jis” for people from other states!
Honestly, I never had any grudges against anyone who judged me. As I have seen my dad getting posted from length and breadth of the country. Everywhere we have faced this kind of judgmental attitude of people.
But we got used to it, thinking there was no point in arguing with these idiots, as they have the ability to drag you to their levels and beat with their experience!
Now, this is a different story of my life and I don’t want to go into its depth. What shattered me most, when I saw the case of two teens being brutally raped and murdered in my own state, in my own land, in the place which I call ‘home’. and then came the Mohanlalganj case! Even more shocking, but afterwards the stories which unfolded giving the clear pictures were however ignored by the media and even the people!
I felt disgusted and dishonored as any human would do, our bunch of friends decided to protest irrespective of our busy work schedules and we did that.
But there was something more happening around us, on Facebook, on Twitter, or almost every social networking platform. People had started abusing us (the people of UP) just because we are from UP!
Is it a crime to be born in a state which is considered to be the land of Shiv, Ram, and Krishna?
Atrocities on women is not just a problem of my own state. If you go through the statistics, the number of cases of female foeticide, domestic violence, child abuse are happening everywhere even higher in the so called ‘hi-tech’ states. This doesn’t means I or any of UPite doesn’t wants the criminals to be punished.
We boast of the highest number of world heritage sites(including the Taj Mahal) highest number of elite services officers, ISRO scientists, and all blinded people can see is the number of labors going from UP and Bihar to their states.
Even in our state we have labor class coming from different parts of our country. Trust me, they too are as illiterate and as ill-mannered as you describe the UP and Bihar’s labor class. They too are making an average of more than 70% criminals of our states. At times we feel fed up of them, but we blame them not the place or people they belong to. We understand that good and bad people are everywhere, and the bad ones should be nailed. We never insult anyone saying that, “Meri kaam-waali ya mera garbage uthaane wala ladka tumhare state ka hai! Or your state is producing only rapists and thieves!”
Because we understand, underprivileged are underprivileged, they do not have any cast, creed or color and even “REGION” If they have chosen to leave their home behind and walk into a new world, there must be some agony behind it.
As far as our habit of saying, ‘Bhaiya’ or ‘Didi’ is concerned. Then let me remind you, ‘Bhaiya and Didi’ are the words of your national language. and I don’t think so talking in your national language is a crime anywhere!
We address everyone with these words as a mark of respect, even you people use such words in your native language, which we find funny. But we don’t make fun of it as we respect the fact that’s its your mother tongue and you are emotional about its use.
As far as our weird habits are concerned, that our men eat pan-masala, or walk around with a ‘angocha’ on their shoulder. Then there are people in this country, who wear sarongs(lungi to be precise) 8 meter dhoti sarees, weird headgear and what not!
But we never laugh on them, because we have been brought up believing that we must respect the diversity of our country, and we have always done that! And as far as eating Pan/Masala and spitting on random places is considered, our state has started drives to get rid of them. And yeah, leave this, there are states where the consumption of alcohol and drugs tops the charts! Those states are not ours, they are the hi-tech ones with ‘Modern people’
UP and Bihar men are being beaten up in other states, just because they are able to qualify the exams and grab the jobs more easily than the localities! Now tell me, is it a crime in being more hardworking or more intellectual than other people? Children from UP and Bihar grow up with the fact that they have a tough competition to face, be it on state level, or on National level or any damn level. They grow up facing the harsh realities, they know if they don’t grab a decent job, their parents don’t have enough to set up a business or start something for them. The ones from small towns have to leave their homes at tender age of 13-14 for further studies.The age at which you people throw teenage tantrums to your family members. If you actually want to see the struggle, come over, I will take you to the dungeon corners of Lucknow and Allahabad, where students burn the night oil to make a future. We have seen young boys living on salt and rice and becoming class one officers with shear hard-work! If you think I am joking, then just read any random story of an elite services officers from our state, what all they face for the sake of career. On top of that, people blame them for eating away their jobs! Heights! If you feel so insecure about your job, then work harder than them and beat them in competition! As simple as that!
Yes, I do agree to the fact that UP and Bihar still need a lot of development in few aspects. We have produced the maximum number of Prime Ministers for the country, we are considered to be the king-makers in national politics. And may be this is the curse of our fate. Every time politicians try to woo us with their long and wide promises only to prove them futile after elections. Be it Narendra Modi or be it Rahul Gandhi. They know our potentials, they know our caliber, but still all they can see is their vote banks! But it doesn’t means that these states are worthless. At present, the maximum number of youngsters joining the armed forces officer cadre are being produced by these 2 states. The highest number of IAS, IES, IFS officers are coming from these two states( surprised? check the statistics baby!)
and if you still think that people who speak your national language are ‘gawars’ toh ‘Bhaiya ji/ behan Ji! ye rahi aap ki soch! Mujhe geeri huvi mili thi!’
An anonymous woman from UP.
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Patriotism: The Social Media Patriots

Patriotism: meaning and perception

Patriotism is it real

Google says ‘Patriotism’ means “the quality of being patriotic; vigorous support for one’s country.”
Well, that’s pretty confusing. Honestly, I never understood the real meaning of being a patriot or being patriotic or patriotism. I always felt proud when I saw my country’s flag flying high, I always had goosebumps while singing my national anthem, I danced like hell when I saw the Indian Cricket Team Captain lifting the World Cup Trophy, I clapped every time I saw any Indian bagging a medal at Olympics, I felt angry and frustrated when I saw my innocent countrymen getting killed in terrorist attack.

This what patriotism means? Isn’t it?
I guess, most of you will say yes! May be, in some ways it is! But is singing a national anthem or saluting a flag enough? What about the small and tiny things which we usually ignore without giving it a second thought?

What about keeping the roads of our country clean? or what about making sure that the laws and rules of our constitution are followed well? Many of you will say that its the work of judiciary to assure that these things are taken care off. Frankly speaking, if it is so, then why does the law asks you to ‘wear a helmet while driving’? Or why does it comes to your doorsteps to check whether your child has taken his dose of polio vaccine or not? 

Its non of government’s business if you meet with an accident and suffer serious injuries because of absence of helmet, or your child doesn’t takes the vaccines and falls prey to a contagious disease.

Being patriotic is not a ‘gesture’, it is supposed to be a ‘way of life’. You complain about rising petrol prices and at the same time, don’t even bother to take a receipt after refuelling your bike/car, in a way you are yourself supporting black-marketing of the black gold, as we call it! You might haven’t noticed it, but this is the truth. Somewhere, down the line, mine and yours way of living is corrupted, and this little corruptions has given birth to the bigger monster which is ready to swallow our integrity and self-respect on the national level.

We keep putting stupid updates and mock around the politicians on Facebook just to show how ‘cognizant’ we are! But how many of you actually take pains to register yourself to vote?
I guess hardly handful of you! You can put thousand allegations on some party’s PM candidate but you yourself don’t know who is the contender of that party from your constituency! Is it being ‘cognizant’? I don’t think so! This is being stupid and ignorant.

Above things are condemning! Isn’t it? But they are the harsh truth. It is said that ‘take care of the smaller things! The bigger ones will fall in place on their own!’, you want bigger changes in your country, but you don’t want to change the smaller things in you! You don’t want to take pains to park your car in a paid parking lot, and then you expect that the roads shouldn’t be congested. You don’t want to take pains to walk to the dust-bin to throw the trash but you expect that the roads should be clean! You raise a voice against the injustice done to a rape victim but don’t mind watching/reading movies or novels where women are been projected as an object!

Is it shameful? Or its shear hypocrisy?
If you expect someone else to change, then be that ‘someone’ first! Do your bit for the country and then expect others to follow!
I repeat my words, ‘patriotism is not a gesture, its a way of life!’

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Confessions of an Ugly girl!

Confessions of an Ugly girl!

What is ugly? Or what does being ugly means?
Avni never understood this! She was a below average student in her school days. She was 4 feet, 11 inches in height and was gifted with extremely dark complexion! She wore a thick pair of spectacles and was quiet heavy in weight!
She was a loner! Nobody wanted to be her friend as she wasn’t the ‘cool chic’ of the class. She was secluded and even ignored! Here’s her story from her point of view!

I am Avni Awasthi, and I am ugly as they call me! My mom always taught me that beauty is about a person’s perception and his/her’s thought process and not about the color of skin or facial features. But this world kept proving my mom wrong! I was put down again and again for being dark in complexion, for being short in height! For being heavy in weight! I was not good at studies but was a good dancer, but I was never given the center stage as I was fat, short in height and didn’t had a pretty face!

As a kid, I always tried pleasing the teachers by giving them flowers or little gifts which children of my age did, but I never got that, ‘awwww…. so cute!’ response by any of them! May be I didn’t looked like a cute kid of my age. That was disheartening, but my mom said that was OK! I tried smiling all along but it started affecting my confidence level. 

When I came in my teens, the girls around me started forming the ‘cool gang’ in school and my locality! For them I was always a misfit or an insult to their ‘cool’ group! They laughed at me if I tried dressing up like them, they laughed at me if I dressed like myself, they laughed at me if I wore heels, they laughed if I didn’t, according to them, I was born ugly and was supposed to be laughed at! I felt humiliated an dishonored but things didn’t changed. I had accepted the fact that I was ugly and god had taken some kind of revenge by making me the way I was! Still a hope existed in my heart that things will get better when I step in college as college crowd is better than that of school!

I entered the college with many excitements and some fears in heart. Soon, after commencement of our semesters we had fresher party, where we had to go in couples. I saw the pretty girls of my class getting approached by tens of boys, but nobody approached me, I felt cornered and rejected yet again. My looks proved that I will never be able to find affection from anyone. 

Time changed and I started focusing on my studies, I was a good performer in class now. Teachers had started appreciating me for my good grades, some of my classmates became my friends because they needed help in studies. I found it selfish of them but still I entertained them because the idea of cornered again and yet again had started haunting me!

Out of all the friends which I had in my group, I had started falling for one of my guy-friend. He was indeed a great friend and respected me alot, but I knew he will never like me as in the way I liked him. I wanted to try once, but becoming a ‘butt of joke’ again was a nightmare for me. I stayed silent and he found some girl for himself. I felt rejected but I bared with it quietly, as they said I was ugly!

I passed out from college and found a job for myself, by this time alot of things had changed, people didn’t discriminated in terms of looks atleast on professional level. They employed you if you prove that you had brains. Still, girls who were prettier grabbed more attention of the senior men, and got better opportunities. I had to put up a brave fight at every damn level. Still, I fought for my survival!

Few years rolled by, my parents had started looking for a suitable match for me, but nobody wanted to marry me. For obvious reason, I was 4 feet, 11 inches and resembled any Red Indian you would have came across. Many parents rejected me for their sons saying how can they marry their sons to such a ‘ugly’ girl, whereas the guys put me down saying, that everything is OK about me, but still they need a wife who is representable, and I was surely not that! Some asked for huge dowry in return of marrying an ‘ugly’ girl like me!
My fears and insecurities of teens had come back again and yet again! The world was teaching me, that in a MAN-made world, an ‘ugly’ WOman [as they call me] has no space! May be the ‘MAN’-kind has named us ‘WO’-man because they find us as an object which is suppose to ‘WOO’men! 

I decided that I will never marry! I will never let any man see that part of my soul which I think isn’t ‘ugly’. I don’t know why the world is obsessed with fairer skin but I loved my dark skin!
I am 30 now, and a successful career woman! My parents don’t force me to get married anymore as they have also understood that not everyone has got a ‘soul-mate’ in this world! And I have decided something, some years down the line, I will adopt an ‘ugly’ girl and teach her that how ‘fair’ the world is to the ‘fairer’ skin and how ‘unfair’ the world is to the ‘darker’ skin!

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