It’s not a You Vs Us Battle: A Millennial’s Rant

I’m a 90s kid (not a kid but a grown up) and it hasn’t been long since I celebrated my 25th birthday. It’s been more than 3 years in the industry and I think I’ve been trying to work as hard as I could. My college juniors look up to me for some gyaan and free lunches, my parents still think I’m a underdog, my friends are more or less in the same boat, my employer is fine with my progress, clients are reasonable with ROIs I generate for them, my landlord is happy to have a quiet and disciplined tenant, my kaamwali is happy because I’m considerate enough to ask her for a cup of tea on a winter morning, passer-bys don’t notice me; may be an introvert like me doesn’t really needs to be noticed. I pay my bills from my own hard-earned money and sometimes do struggle to make ends meet.

Overall, I’m much like any normal human being on this planet but lately I’ve seen/read so many discussions about millennials that I really get a feeling of being ‘the new animal in the zoo’. At times I don’t understand why the older generations are so obsessed with stereotyping us? Why are we always projected as mindless high-school revolutionaries?

I do agree that we aren’t as experienced as you are but we do have a mind and understanding of our own. We do have a sense of responsibility towards our organisations, our society and towards the entire human race. We don’t beg for kindness from anybody, we work hard to carve our path, trust me it isn’t as easy as you think so. We understand, we are privileged in terms of getting access to today’s technology at a much younger age but not all of us can really afford shitty expensive gadgets.

We wear ideas on our sleeves instead of hearts. We do love the rush, the madness, the newness of places and people. All we ask for is an atmosphere that drives us crazy and compels us to be a better person than we were yesterday. We don’t work for your handsome CTCs or medical cover, we work to help you build a better organisation and fulfil a greater purpose. We look for your guidance not orders. We might sound incorrect at times but we aren’t wrong always, we simply carry different perspectives because we grew up in a much different world and are again building something that will be much more different. You might think that our world will be complex; no it will be much easier. We want to see a world where you get evaluated on the basis of your work not on what you wear to office or how many hours you spend working. We want to build a Do-it-yourself world instead of Do-it-for-me.

Stop judging us on how many dates we pick every weekend or how many months our relationships last. Your generation must have had its own crazy times; do we come asking for it? No!

As far as our loyalties as an employee is concerned, keep giving us innovative environment, we will keep serving you success stories but please stop overrating us! We aren’t celebs or politicians. Not all of us believe in being job-hoppers. We’re a much normal generation that carries all kinds of individuals, some will grow up to be billionaires, some will be their employees, some might just remain being NOTHING, much like in your generation.

So let’s bear with each other and build a better world!

Peace Out!

Udisha M.

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An Engineer by degree, Digital Marketer by profession and a Blogger by passion, Udisha is an aspiring writer and a published poet. She has contributed on leading Indian and international defence forums. A born foodie, she has a keen interest in contemporary literature and cinema. She’s biased towards humans with intellect. Reach her on

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The Last Interview Of My Life: An Army Officer’s Account

What is the craziest thing you have ever said (or done) at an interview and still got the job?

To give you figures, there were around 3,00,000 lakh applicants, only 15,000 were called for SSB, 126 were selected in SSB and out of that only 62 made it to the final merit list. The success rate is touching 1%. In this selection process, interview plays an important role, as this is the only stage when you are one to one with the officer. Here you have a chance to mark your impression of arrival.

My Army interview took place at SSB, Allahabad and My Interview started with a Bang, the dumbest thing I could ever do in my life.

On entering the Interview room, there were two visible paths, so I turned left from the door and Shocked I was. There was no one (What the Fish) now I came to know that the Officer was behind me and what a fool I have cut out of me, I was not having the courage to turn to him but I had to.

After turning to him and facing him , I was gone out of blood and color that what reaction will he give now, but he didn’t responded just gave a smile.

Me: Gudmorning Sir(firm voice)

I was sitting some 15 feet away from his table so that he can see my gestures and as well as I have to be on-top of my pitch to convey my answer.

Officer: Gudmorning son, please take your seat.
Me: Thankyou sir.

Officer: What is your name?
Me: (now this is very funny ques) Sir my name is ####

Officer: Is this your photograph(showing my PIQ From)
Me: (Looking at the pic) I said Yes Sir.

Officer: (looking at me) Doesn’t look like. Why haven’t you shaved your beard?
Me: Sir, I have never shaved in my life.

Officer: But somethings, you do first time in your life.
Me: Sir I believe in my originality, I don’t want to project any false impression.

Officer: (In a Rude tone) Why are you in Jeans-Tshirt? Do you think you have come here for some fashion show?
Me: Sir, I didn’t got chance to change.

Officer: Don’t you think, formals give you a Gentleman look?
Me: Sir, Formals can give a Gentleman look to your body, not to your manners and etiquette.

Officer: I didn’t get you.
Me: Sir Vivekananda traveled across the globe in just a piece of “Kesariya” cloth, He addressed many International forums where all the people wore Suits, thus giving them a Gentleman look but still they followed the preaching of a person who was not in Suit. Ours is a country where tailor does not make you a Gentleman, it is the character which makes you the Gentleman.

Officer: (Smiles)Ok
Officer: You are from which University?
Me: Sir,VTU (Vishweswaraya Technological University)

Officer: Who was Vishweswaraya?
Me: He was a renowned civil engineer.

Officer: That’s it, then Why do you think he is so famous?
Me: He was awarded Bharat Ratna.

Officer: What is Bharat Ratna?
Me: Sir, Bharat Ratna is the highest civilian award in the country. This is given every year to the individual for their contribution to the mankind.

Officer: Then, Who is awarded Bharat Ratna this year?
Me: Sir, No one.

Officer: Then you said it’s given every year.
Me: Sorry sir, It’s given to deserving individuals, not necessarily every year.

Officer: When was the Bharat Ratna given last time?
Me: Bhimsen Joshi in 2009.

Officer: It is highest civilian award of India, but has also been given to foreign national, are you aware of that?
Me: Sir, Nelson Mandela and mother Teresa were given.

Officer: What is PVC and who was the first officer recipient?
Me: Sir, it is war time highest gallantry award, I am not sure about the first recipient.

Officer: Major Somnath Sharma.
Me: Thankyou sir.

Officer: Your university is in Belgaum, why is Belgaum in so much of news everytime?
Me: Sir, Belgaum is called as the industrial capital of Karnataka, as belgaum is strategically located on the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka. So both the states are claiming belgaum as their city.There is equal number of kannadigas and Marathi residing in belgaum. So due to this claim game belgaum is in news.

Officer: Claim-game (smiles) Do you think there can be some solution to it?
Me: Sir, solution has already been found and implemented.New vidhan soudha has come up in the belgaum. it is under construction sir, once the contstruction is complete and then it would be illogical for maharastra to claim over belgaum.

Officer: I don’t find south Indians socially good? How did you adjust?
Me: Sir, that might be your personal experience but I beg to differ from you because I didn’t had any such experience and most of my friends are south Indians only.

(Always remember the golden rule of interview “Never spit venom”, what so ever condition may be. Later I found that interviewer was south indian, they try to bring out the negative qualities in you)

Officer: You are from UP, how is the administration in UP(looking at my PIQ)
Me: Governance is not in that good condition, Money is being wasted on construction of parks which otherwise could have been utilized for the betterment for the citizens.

Officer: In just one line tell me about Lucknow?
Me: (took 5 secs pause) Sir, May I have the permission to speak in hindi?

Officer: carry on.
Me: “Lucknow nawabo ka shehar hai jahan chicken khaya bhi jata hai aur chicken pehena bhi jata hai.”

Officer: hahahahah (he broke into laughter) I am impressed.
Me: Thankyou Sir

Officer: Tell me something about your friends?
Me: Sir, I have many friends to name few Abhijeet, Mridul, Rohit, Mukesh, Bunty, Saurabh, Debo.

Officer: Who is very close to you?
Me: Abhijeet.

Officer: Why? any specific reason for that?
Me: Sir, he has supported me in my good and bad times. He was always there when I needed him.

Officer: What is the meaning of Abhijeet?
Me: The one who never loses and always wins every field.

Officer: What you have learned from him?
Me: Sir, he has taught me to be more social and open to all. He has taught me to help and get helped.

Officer: It means you are not social?
Me: No sir, I mean initially when I was in class 9th,then I was not that social.

Officer: What is the meaning of Mridul and what impact he had on your life?
Me: Mridul means soft and gentle, hence he has made me more fun loving.

Officer: Don’t you think being social and being fun loving is the one or the same thing?Me: Sir, Abhijeet taught me how to understand and solve others problem, whereas Mridul taught me how to live and enjoy each moment of life.

Officer: Do you have a Girlfriend?
Me: No sir.

Officer: (Smiles) Then you have wasted your college life.

Officer: To whom you are more close father or mother?
Me: Mother, because she is the one who has been taking care of us since past 12 years while my father was working out of the station.

Officer: How often your father comes to Lucknow?
Me: One’s in 15 days.

Officer: Who is your role model?
Me: My father is my role model, and I feel he is the best father in the world. He has been my friend, guide and mentor.

Officer: If given an option to choose one, Who would you choose amongst the two?
Me: Sorry Sir, I don’t want to answer this question.

Officer: Ok, Tell me something about your village?
Me: Sir, my village is around 150 kms from Lucknow, The population of the village would be approx 500 and the village still doesn’t has electricity supply, water supply and road. Illiteracy rate is around 80%. I had conducted a education drive “Hastakshar”, which was very successful. I started with 8 people and at the end it reached 412. Now atleast they can read and write. Moreover now they can sign on the documents no requirement of thumb impression.

Officer: Congratulations, a great initiative.
Me: Thankyou Sir.

Officer: You have written your hobby as Teaching and you have also taught under “Teach India” Program? (I had mentioned that in PIQ form)
Me: Sir, I was part of Teach India, Belgaum zone and use to teach kids of government schools. And in my hostel also I teach my juniors.

Officer: You have won prize in Business acumen?
Me: Sir, that was a national level technical fest, in which I had to prepare a business plan to sell the given product.

Officer: Ok. Suppose you have 5 mint toffee industries in various parts of the country. Each industry due to geographical conditions produces different taste of toffee. Due to different tastes you are loosing customers. What will you do?
Me: Sir, may I think for 1 min.

Officer: Please ( He started writing something)

After exact one min.

Officer: So whats the big idea?
Me: Sir, The different raw material which is being supplied to different industries can be collected at one industry, the calibration can be carried out. Then this caliberated raw material can be supplied to the different industries for the production of final product which will have the same taste all over India.

Officer: Ok but what about the transfer cost. (he took pause)
ok leave it(I guess he was satisfied with my ans)

Officer: How Biotech will help Indian Army?(Biotech is my engg branch)
Me: Sir, Biowarfare is no new concept, it has been used in WWII and WWII,where rats were infected with virus and then were left in enemy area.

Officer: Suppose you are in battlefield, how will you use Biowarfare?
Me: Sir, we can infect a dead body with epidemic virus, such as virus which causes chickenpox, and then we can air drop the dead body in the enemy territory. The cost involved in this is negligible. One gm of virus wiil cost 1000 Rs and can kill 1 lakh soldiers, on the contrary to kill 1 lakh soldiers you need ammunitions in tons which will cost you crores of Rupees. Future war will be based on the biowarfare.

Officer: He asked some question on carbon fuels.
Me: I said sorry sir, I don’t know the answer.

Officer: India and Pakistan have a very troubled relationship. What are the reasons you think for this?
Me: The first would be the tussle for Kashmir which is very much in news these days and the second would be the ceasefire violations in the past year along the Line of Control.

Officer: So what is the whole issue about Jammu and Kashmir? Can you elaborate?
Me: Sir, The story goes back to the time of independence and the integration of princely states with India. Maharaja Hari Singh of Jammu and Kashmir wanted J&K to be autonomous whereas the Indian leaders wanted to integrate it within the territory of India. Also, our first Prime Minister being a Kashmiri himself had an affinity towards Kashmir. Due to Pakistani attacks on J&K, Hari Singh had to take help of the Indian forces and thus an Instrument of Accession was signed and since then we share a special relation with J&K under Article 370.

Officer: And what could be Pakistan’s interest in J&K?
Me: Sir, I am not sure, but I can take a guess. It’s related to the predominant Muslim population in Kashmir.

Officer: Have you ever done a Trekking?
Me: Sir, I have never done a trek but being sportsman I will love to do trekking if given a chance.

Officer: What are the things required for a long distance trekking, any idea?
Me: (since I had not trekked, So I had not much idea about this) Sir, may be a hand towel, a water bottle. I cannot think of anything much.

Officer: (Continuing with India Pakistan) there is a constant tussle between the two and each other draws from the other’s strength. What do you understand?
Me: ( At this point I turn a little blank) I said something which I don’t remember.

Officer: How much spiritual you are?
Me: Sir, I am a firm believer of God.

Officer: What is Buddhist view on God?
Me: Sir, Buddhism neither accepts nor rejects the existence of God. The main concern of Buddhism is alleviation of human sufferings.

(See the sudden transformation in the question, at the same time by maintaining the logical flow of the thoughts)

Officer: Any prominent personality you know, who converted to Buddhism from Hinduism?
Me: (After thinking a while) Dr B R Ambedkar.

Officer: What was actual name of Dr B R Ambedkar?
Me: Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambavadekar.

Officer: Are you sure?
Me: Yes Sir.

Officer: Then what about Ambedkar?
Me: Sir, surname Ambedkar was given to him by his Guru.

Officer: Ok. You must have heard of the poverty line, have you heard of something called the empowerment line?
Me: No sir, I have not heard of this.

Officer: Let’s say I were to create an imaginary empowerment line, what do you think would be its parameters?
Me: Sir, the criteria for poverty line is economic based . But, the empowerment line would have parameters like access to health, education, justice, economic independence and political independence. (I also don’t know what I was speaking)

Officer: If the number of people below poverty line is 200 million then how many do you think will be below empowerment line?
Me: Certainly much more. Because even if people are above the Poverty Line, they are dependent, not empowered.

Officer: What do you think we need to empower people – a universal health care or Right to Food?
Me: Sir, I think it’s not the question of ‘or’ but it’s a matter of ‘and’. Looking at our current situation we need both.

Officer: You are Capt Smart and you are made the commander of a team, which is going for a raid on enemy post. While on move, you noticed that two men saw your team. What actions you will take?
Me: Sir, operation being in enemy area, we can’t afford to loose the secrecy of our move. We will..

Officer: (He Interrupted me in between) You are commander Capt Smart. Don’t use we, use I.
Me: ( I started again) Sir, I will apprehend them and take them along with me, till the operation is conducted. So that the secrecy of the mission is maintained.

Officer: In that case, they will be extra burden on you. What could be the alternative?
Me: (Not able to think) Sir, may be we can tie them with rope or something.

Officer: (Bursts into laughter) Son this is not a movie, this is operation which involves life of your men.
Me: (Puzzled)

Officer: You have to kill them, your country comes first always and everytime (In a firm voice, banging his hand on the table)
Me: (I was literally scared, and this was the first moment when I got the feel of Indian Army, I did not utter a word)

Officer: We are not dealing with profit and loss, we are dealing with lives and death.
Me: Yes Sir( punched back with a firm voice)

(Just to ease down the temperature tof the room, he diverted the topic)

Officer: Your hobby is also to read books?
Me: Yes Sir.

Officer: What kind of Books you read?
Me: Autobiographies, Motivational Books and History Books.

Officer: OK, How you would have been different, if India was still under British rule?
Me: Sir, instead of giving you interview, I would have been fighting you with the slogans of Inquilab Zindabad. Your country comes first always and everytime.

(Golden rule of Interview- Always catch hold of 2-3 words from Interviewer’s mouth and frame the sentence and serve them back. Believe me, they will love it. This is exactly what I did by saying “Your country comes first always and everytime”)

Officer: (Smiles) You want to fight me? (Then he writes something)

Officer: Ok son, Some people are born great, some people achieve greatness and some people have greatness thrust on them. What do you understand by this?
Me: Sir, there are some people who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, who do not have to do much to achieve greatness, whereas others through their efforts and persistence acquire skills and expertise which make them great-these belong to the second category. But, some people are so noble and so sincere that they don’t have to make any effort to be great. Greatness automatically comes to them.

Officer: But doesn’t thrust sound derogatory.
Me: Yes Sir, it might sound that way but I take it in the positive sense.

Officer: (looking at my email id) What can born2win mean?
Me: Sir, it might sound a little arrogant, but for me winning is about not being defeated. Picking myself up each time I fall down. I always say to myself, you are born to win, how can you accept defeat, it is a sin !

Officer: It was nice talking to you. Best of luck for your future. Do good and don’t leave your hobby of teaching. Your interview is over.
Me: Thankyou Sir. Pleasure was all mine.

One thing ,to be very frank, before entering the interview hall, my mind was completely blank.

Personality test is all about, How you think, What you think and most importantly in which way you thin. So just be yourself. Enjoy your Interview.

Result: Got selected with AIR- 01.

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Keep Calm and Love Chai Over Coffee

2It is not ‘tea’, it is ‘Chai’! Do you get it? Chai! Chaha! Chah! Cha! Call it by any name, in any language, have it in mug or glass; it is awesomeness, pure awesomeness!

I always have this debate with my intellectual and sophisticated friends who love coffee over tea! I mean, like what? Coffee over tea? Shut-up tea is better than coffee! Yes, it is! Your long trips or your night before exams are incomplete without some hot cups of tea and those delicious combos of biscuits or papad or pakode with chai!

Aah! Bliss!

I can’t imagine a day without tea, that sheer feeling of seeing the chai boil in its rusty, bubbly glory is joy! An overwhelming ecstatic happiness. That wait for letting the chai get ready on low flame and watching it anxiously as it sheds colors is heavenly. These are the joys which a coffee lover will never experience in life. Coffee is so stupid. It costs you bomb amount and hardly offers any taste.  Moreover, you cannot fix coffee with your favorite desi breakfasts like pakode, bun-maska, vada-pav, Parle G, etc. You need tea for that.

A rainy day will not make you ask for coffee, it will make you ask for tea. Because tea meets the feel and sound of roaring thunderstorms and the smell of soil after rain. Tea gives you the liberty of enjoying it with cardamom and cloves or black pepper or basil or all of them. Coffee surely doesn’t stand a chance. Coffee cannot be fixed with sutta, it cannot make you brag or listen to your friend’s woes after a long day. Only tea can do that! Tea rocks everywhere, be it home or office or trips or college adda.

The morale of the story: Keep Calm and Love Tea Over Coffee!
– Udisha M.

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10 traffic rules which exist only in India.

We, the people! The people of this great country completely abide by the rules and laws enforced upon us. In fact, we are so motivated and sincere towards abiding them, that we have a parallel set of rules and laws! 😀 😉

Here, are some brilliant examples!

1] Our TWO WHEELER are meant to be [at least a] THREE SEATER!



“Dude, do you think I am not going to give you a lift just because we are already two on a bike? The ‘great Indian jugaad’ has a scope for everything! Even for you!” 😉

2] While crossing a one way road, you must always check both the left and the right sides.


“Oh mister! What do you think you are? Some Chinese soldier? That you will stop me from taking the wrong lane! It’s my birth right to drive on the wrong side!”

3] Auto-wallahs and the Rickshaw-wallahs are the superheroes of the Indian traffic, they can change lanes without indicators, over-take without giving horns. They can do it all!


“Saab ji! Forget about the fast and furious! We believe in being full-time Rajnikant!”

4] Helmets and seat belts don’t protect you from accidents, they ONLY protect you from the traffic police.


“Oye yaar! There’s a police uncle standing at the signal, let me take out my helmet from the utility compartment before he sees me!”

5] Inappropriately aligned speed breakers aren’t enough to control the traffic speed, we keep FEW MANHOLES AND SEWER-LINES OPEN for the purpose!


“Oh come on, it’s just a manhole! What’s there to create a fuss of it, even if you lose your life! You will be a martyr!”

6] Every second traffic signal has some highly talented artist performing to keep you entertained!


“Sajj rahi gali teri amma, chunar gotte mei! Chunar gotte mei, sunar gotte mei……………………………….!!!”

“Ae cheekne, free ka performance nahi tha, pagaar leti hai mai!”

7] You can enjoy adventure sports like river rafting and yachting during the monsoon that too for free! Free! Free! Free!


“So what, if we get stuck for 4-5 days in the rain! We love the adventure our authorities offer us!”

8] PARKING in NO-PARKING zone is a ritual!


“Me: I just found a free corner on the roadside in the main market and parked my vehicle there! I will be blocking the traffic for next few hours!” 😀

Friend: “OMG! OMG! I am so proud of you!”

9] ZEBRA CROSSINGS are not meant for pedestrians, they are for those prodigy leaders, who lead the traffic as soon as the signal goes green!


10] TRAFFIC CHALLANS are not punishments, they are simply a utility meant to be bought for 100-500 bucks.


“Police uncle, please na! Please! Please na! Have this 200 and don’t give a challan of 700 na! I am like your younger brother na! Please na!”

10 Reasons why faujis make the coolest boyfriends and husbands!

1) He can make you forget about the adventures of Mogli and Tarzan with his never ending stories of jungles and mountains.


“How to find directions in jungles, how to sense the coming animal! Damn, he knows everything “

2) His presence in your life will unintentionally build up your geography and military history. Kudos to his transfers and his craziness for wars.

You know there are places like Dibrugrah, Suratgrah, Pathankot, Kirkee, Mhow etc. Etc…
And you know what Kargil war is popularly known as Operation Vijay. Got it?

3) He will make you memorize his raising day, army day and all those days which are important for Indian fauj.


Thus, making you a better patriot than others.

4) He will get you gifts from all corners of the country, thus lightening up your wardrobe even more.

“Awww… Sweety your guy got you a Goa T-shirt, mine got me a Patola from Gujarat, Bhagalpuri from Bihar, Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh, Pashmina from J&K, and so on and so far! “

5) No matter how Tom boyish you are, you will learn to behave like a lady In his presence.

118“You know, normally I dress up like a drug addict deprived of daily dope, but I have learnt to drape a Saree and also carry the Salwar suit with dupatta! Damn! Did I just say saree? Hell yeah”

6) No matter what happens, he will never panic and will come up with a solution for your problem.

He will always be like, “Chill babe! I have suffered worse situations, and got away with it! You too can!”

7) He will spoil you with his chivalry completely.


He always has the attitude, “I am a gentleman, I never make a lady wait for me, I always open doors and pull out chairs for them. Women are supposed to be respected!”

8) You will always benefit from the kind of camaraderie and brotherhood he has with his brother soldiers.

145From those occasional salutes to arranging for medical facilities at the time of emergency. Faujis stand by their brothers and ladies in every aspect.

9) You can always look up to him for inspiration, be it a tough time or a happy day.

It is said, faujis are ordinary men with extraordinary courage, so there’s always something in them which inspires you and commands respect.238

10) And last but not the least, as Queen Elizabeth said: “if a soldier loves you, then walk like a queen!”

92Because there are few things money can’t buy and they are respect and honour of being loved by country’s finest gentleman and a warrior.

Say cheese faujis!

-compiled by Udisha M.

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10 Reasons why you should marry a Lucknow girl!

10 Reasons why you should marry a Lucknow girl!

1] She can easily impress anyone with her ‘tehzeeb’, including your friends and family! 😉

“Namaste aunty! Pranaam uncle!” are still more prevalent than ‘hello aunty and goodmorning uncle in this city!’

2] Lucknowites are foodies by birth, so you will never have any complains about lack of tasty food in your house and even in your Lucknow visits. 😀

Tunday kababi, wahib ki biryani, veg kabab rolls, gol-gappe, dahi-jalebi, imarti-rabdi. Everything over here is yummmmmmmmmmm………………….. :p

3] No matter how angry she is on you or any of your family members, she will never get abusive as it is against our culture. Even if she is warning you, that will also be in courteous style! 😉

“Janaab aisi gustakhiya na karei, ki humei aap ki waalida ki khidmat mei zaleel kalimatei pesh karni padei!”
4] She has a natural taste in art, music and poetry. As Lucknow is a city which has given one of the finest artist and musicians to the world. 🙂

5] She can make your family members drool with exclusive chikankaari gifts from Lucknow! 😉 Trust me dude, even the biggest designers of the world go gaga over our embroidery.

6] Lucknow is considered to be one of the most historically beautiful city. So, if your girl is from Lucknow you will get to see one of the richest cultural heritage. 😀

even the Lucknow Railway station has a story to tell, Bada Imambara, Residency, La Martiniere, Ambedkar park are few to name.

7] Besides her ‘tehzeeb’, she knows how to have ‘tafri’ as well. 😉 So you can go doing ‘Rangbaazi’ on the streets of Hazratganj any given day, as it is said…’Shaam-e-avadh’ 😀

8] She can pray at a temple, dargah, church or a gurudwara! Because secularism is in the veins of Lucknowites. Our legacy of Hindu-Muslim unity is still alive in our hearts. 🙂

9] She is a perfect amalgam of modern and traditional woman. She can enjoy a happening club life with you and also make sure that your family life is always in place. 😀

10] You can always complain that she uses ‘HUM” for singular as well as for plural, uses ‘AAP’ for everybody ranging from younger ones to older ones. But once you have fallen for a Lucknow girl, you wont be able to do without her sugar coated tongue. 😉

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Things You know If You Grew Up In Lucknow

*LUCKNOW & the Lucknowities*

The ‘Pehle-aap, Pehle-aap’ thing isn’t a joke. Mind you, it happens here.
When asked why do we always speak in plural, we always say it proudly ‘It’s a City of Nawabs and this is the Nawabi style’.
We love it when we talk to non-lucknowities like ‘Ama yaar..’ and their eyes go wide.
If you don’t use words like Dhaansu’ and ‘Bhaukali’, dude you are missing half of the fun.
If you come to Lucknow and miss the ‘Tunde-Kabab’ and ‘waahib ki biryaani’ (if in case you are not a vegetarian) then I promise you will regret if for your entire life, like seriously!
The only place on earth, where even an abusive slang is sugar coated and prefixed with ‘AAP’
Like a dog hates water, we hate the word ‘TU’
We have the weirdest nomenclatures of places, Bhootnath, Daana-Paani, Wire-less Chauraha, Hahnemann chauraha ( often confused as Honeymoon chauraha ) and the list goes on.
When you hear ‘Phod dena’ as a good luck wish from someone, have no doubt, he/she is definitely from Lucknow.
If you know all the ‘Khands’ of gomti-nagar, dude you deserve a standing-ovation.
We don’t need Sarcasm. We possess the ability to threaten someone to death with sugar coated words.
‘Jugaad’, ‘rangbaaji’, ‘Setting’, ‘Maamla’, ‘Scene’, ‘tafri’ ‘Matter’ are the most frequent words used by us.
A, B, C, D are not just alphabets for us. They refer to the blocks of Indira-nagar
When whole India uses ‘Chutte’ for change, we use ‘Toote’ for the same thing.
If you don’t raise your eyebrows when you hear someone wearing ‘Chikan’ then definitely you are a Lucknowite.
We have a special love for ‘Royal cafe’ no matter how many options we have to dine at we chose it without a second thought.
Every outing with your friends ends with an ice-cream on Marine Drive.
No matter you spend all your day at CCD or Barista, you still die for Sharma ki chai and Kesarbagh ki Lassi.
If you have not tasted the basket chat of Royal Cafe, dude you don’t know what chat is!
You have been to Deva Sharif and Chandrika Devi for god knows how many times. [actually you went there after all your exams to beg for passing marks!]
You know you are a real Lucknowite, if I.T. is Issabella Thouborn Girls college and not Information Technology!
If an evening on the streets of Hazratganj[specially the Cathedral Church] is much more fascinating than any Adventure park, then you are surely a Lucknowite.
If your house has atleast one or two art pieces of Chinhat Pottery, you are a Lucknowite.
If you go fasting on a hot summer day, just to stay on a diet of Lucknawi Dasheri, you are ‘pakka Lucknow-wala’
You address your kaam-waali, rickshaw-wala and even a rag-picker as ‘aap’, that’s not a show-off its in our blood, our ‘tehzeeb’
If you celebrate ‘Bada-mangal’ and even organise and participate in a ‘bhandara’, then you are Lucknowite.
If you save your pocket money just to shop enough in ‘Lucknow mohotsav’, you are a Lucknowite.
You find it funny when people from so called ‘hi-tech’ cities go mad on seeing historical monuments, because you have seen a so called historical monument every 500 meters in old city.
When you know the congested lanes of Aminabad and also the wide and clean roads of Gomti-nagar where you go racing with your friends, you are a Lucknowite.
May be the reason for our
‘Dhaansu Luck’ lies in the name of
city itself. After all I belong to ‘LUCK-NOW…!
                                                                                                          Shared from: Ayushi Singh: slightly edited by me. 
                                                                                                                                                                       -Udisha M.
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10 Things you experience when you are in love with a Soldier-Chapter 2

10 Things you experience when you are in love with a Soldier- 2

1] Now, you know that there are places like, Wellington, Khadakwasla, Kirkee, Mhow etc. on the map of our country. Something, which others will never understand or bother to know it.

2] When other girls pray that their boyfriend/husband stays with them all their lives, you just pray that they somehow he stays in peace postings, so that you can visit him anytime. And just in case, anyhow he gets posted in your city! [Goddddddddd!!! Its a miracle] 😀

3] Getting a call from satellite phones is not something way too out of the world for you! Because he calls you from such numbers[you know when!]

4] If you are married to him, you can stay in any kind of accommodation, even if its a single room or a huge bungalow! Because for you, every moment spent with him is a bliss! 🙂

5] He wants you to learn how to cook, not just because he is a big time foodie, but his coursemates and other unit bachelors can storm your house any given time! 

6] Now, any of his fauji friend’s girlfriend or wife seems like a soul-sister to you. Because, she is the one who understands your situation better than your girlfriends with civilian boyfriends.

7] Watching a fauji movie with him can be a pain, still exciting, as he keeps disturbing you with technical comments like, ‘ye camo aisa nahi, aisa hota hai! Ye rank aise nahi aise command karti hai!… and blah….blah…blah……………….’

8] You try to keep a record of all his messages, letters, photos almost everything which reminds you of the beautiful moments spend with him, as it keeps you going in his absence! 🙂

9] You know no matter how flirty he gets with other girls, he is a thorough gentleman who loves you truly, madly and completely! And that is what makes you fall for him even more!

10] There will always be thousands who will never understand why you love him, despite the distance and hardships. But only you and your heart knows that no matter what they say you know, “that the girl he left behind, is still behind him supporting her hero!” <3

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10 Things you experience when you are in love with a Soldier

10 Things you experience when you are in love with a Soldier!

1] When other girls take hours to get ready, you can get ready in minutes as he can make and break plans anytime-anywhere!

2] You have settled for the fact[even if you don’t like it!] that he loves his Royal Enfield and Uniform more than you!

3] He has spoiled you with his chivalry and gentlemen like gestures to such levels that every second civilian guy you meet, seems ill-mannered to you!

4] You have become such a braveheart, that you can travel for kilometers and hours together alone just to see him, but want to hold his hand while walking together, because you don’t know when it will happen again!

5] Even though he fancies the thought of going on a war and dying in the line of duty, you silently feel like killing him when he talks about it! As its very concept shivers your spine. 🙁

6] You have atleast came across 2-3 such girls, who ask if you can help them in getting a fauji to marry! And you seriously get pissed off when they ask you so! Because you love your man, because he loves you and not because he is a fauji!

7] You have watched ‘LOC-Kargil’ for more than 50 times atleast, and everytime Kareena and Saif’s episode[Capt. Anuj Nayyar’s and his fiance’s episode to be precise] makes you senti, because you can relate to every word, every dialogue of it!

8] Now if you are in a Cantonment area, you are either a ‘mam’ or a ‘aunty’ or ‘Mrs. XYZ'[in case you are married] Forget your first name for sometime! 😛

9] You know the best birthday gift you can get, is a surprise visit by him! <3

10] Last but not the least! 😉