Biker diaries: 2 || The Royal Enfield fanatics


Often I came across fascinating stories from history about royal men and their stallions who were as brave as them, as ambitious as them and as wild as them. I failed to understand how a human can and an animal can go along so well as if they were a single soul? What was that love which made them mad for each other, making them push all limits to stand by each other?

Then I met this special breed (as I define them) of men in today’s world who are insane to say the least for their machines. They love their bikes more than anything; take care of it like a family member. Guard it like a soldier on the frontiers and what not? And all this, for that amazing piece of metal which gives them immense pleasure merely by its sight.

Their every journey is defined and even planned for it. They can fight with their women for the sake of their machines. They can run away from everything if their urge for that ride calls.

When I see such crazy creatures, I can very much understand how and what kind of bonds did those royals from history had with their stallions. How did they manage to feel the pain of their animal? How well they understood every move, every heartbeat, and every breath of their companion? Why they preferred their cavalry over anything else?

Because they were the ‘Royals’ dying to take a taste of those ‘fields’, of vast lands, battlegrounds and never ending searches.
Those travellers, warriors and wanderers are the men who took birth time and again to become what we call as, Royal Enfield riders!

-Udisha M.


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