Biker diaries: 1 || The Royal Enfield fanatics



Biker diaries. That young guy who saves his pocket money to buy that helmet instead of branded clothes to wear for college. That newly recruit, who keeps his salary for the new upgrade his bike needs instead of throwing a party for his friends. That enthusiast, who avoids dating, because he has to spend on his next trip. That guy next door, who forgets to go to church every Sunday, but never misses an auto-expo. That middle aged man, who keeps his blood pressure and diabetes in control, not just for the sake of his health, but also for his wife’s approval for that Ladakh trip. That man in grey hairs, who never regrets that he hasn’t gone on pilgrim, but grieves for that one unexplored inch of land! That girl, who fought with her parents, to buy a bike for herself! That young guy, who never hears his mom when she asks him to clean his room, but makes sure not a bit of dust touches his bike! That insane fellow, who knows how to kiss the air and hug the scenery while he crosses them on his bike, That bunch of weird fellows who find solace under the cover of sky instead of comfortable bedrooms, Those weirdos are travel-sick, like you are homesick! And you know, who they are? They are the BIKERS!

-Udisha M.  On the request of my brother. 🙂

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