‘beautiful’ or ‘wealthy’: Random thoughts #5

Random thoughts #5

I have often came across people, who say they fell for someone but couldn’t find the person worth it! I have even seen women trying to find a ‘wealthy’ man, and men searching for ‘beautiful’ women!

At times I wonder, what is the real parameter of  ‘beautiful’ or ‘wealthy’?
I want to ask the women, that a man who has millions and trillions in his account, but doesn’t has basic sense, how to treat you, will be considered wealthy or the one who earns just enough but will treat you like his queen?
At the same time, the same question goes for men! Will you love a woman who has a pretty face, but loves your power and position, or you want a woman, who loves you for what you are at heart?

Most of us will say, that we want everything! We want a successful man, we want them to love us and all the so called dreamy things! But there’s a reality check which lies somewhere in these fancies!

Life is never so kind, that it will give you, ‘everything’! You need to learn to compromise on some or the other aspect! You need to leave something, to have the best things! Now, it depends on you what you actually choose! The materialistic things, whose charm  will hardly stay with you for a couple of moments! Or the real things in life, which once missed wont come back!!!
-Udisha M.

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