Travel Lessons James Bond Gives Us !

Travelling is a very sassy and interesting hobby. Not only you get to have lots of places to visit but also get to share them. But then, there is traveling and there is traveling in James Bond style. In every Bond movie, two of the most awaited things are the killer tuxedo he showcases and the exotic places where he travels for his next mission. This guy definitely has his travel game on. Be it the business class tickets or his swaggy Aston Martin, he has everything to his standards. The Bond movies have definitely taken the travel expectations to a whole new level.


A suit in hand is always worth its weight

This film image released by Sony Pictures shows Daniel Craig in a scene from the film "Skyfall." The super spy might be 50 years old on screen but he never wants to look out of date. It's a unique dressing challenge for a character that is simultaneously modern and timeless. Costume designer Jany Temime says her mantra for the entire wardrobe of “Skyfall,” which opens Friday, was “iconic for 2012.” (AP Photo/Sony Pictures, Francois Duhamel)

Bond may not seem to be a fan of excess baggage, but one thing that is always on him is his impeccably tailored suit. Whether he would be about to blow an oil tank or cross a sea, he would be always be dressed in his suit which he would flaunt after opening his cover clothes. Likewise, carrying an extra piece for spontaneous occasions,be it a last minute dinner plan or rocking in a casino, you won’t ever regret going prepared.


Speak the language people understand

James bond style hacks

Going to a foreign country, and the first problems that are inevitable is that of the language. No doubt getting a guide cuts your problems in half, but knowing the local language definitely gives you an advantage. And chicks dig for such men who can take control of the conversation. It’s not well known but Bond is fluent in many languages. Be it joking with the valet in Tomorrow Never Dies, or fooling Denise Richards with his Russian in The World Is Not Enough, Bond shows his excellence in sporting various languages skilfully and that what makes him the man of mystery he is.


Blending in like chameleon

James bond how to drink

For Bond, his friend is his vodka martinis. But being a classy traveler, he doesn’t hesitate to ditch his drink for the taste of the local bartender. Be it cheering mojitos in Die Another Day or Mint Juleps in GoldFinger, he doesn’t think in trying some new taste. After all shedding old habits and tastes for the sake of new ones are all the riches of keeping traveling as a hobby. Even though Bond insists on keeping his name to identify himself instead of fake identity, these little actions show that he makes efforts to blend in, which is as very essential


Knowing the place of your taste in every place you visit

James bond style tricks

After a long day of endless traveling and sightseeing the last dilemma, one wants to get trapped is ‘Where to eat?’ Even in The Living Daylight, after the plane crash the one thing, he said that flushed the stress out “I know a great restaurant in Karachi”. Knowing a good place to eat which can please your taste buds is a great asset, especially when you are in strange lands.


Wasting your resources on expensive traveling

james bond travel destination

Although we see Bond traveling in class, but needlessly wasting on cars when not needed is indeed not his style. After all, money saved is money earned. And it’s also frustrating to spend more on something and not being able to get full back from it. And for Bond, it’s only about wasting bad guys, not anything else.


Yeah, it’s all about comfort

james bond travel destinationjames bond travel destination

Bond may be careful in spending, but when it comes to hotels, he is all money. When he is walked into a fleabag Bolivian hotel, he went all raged up as he stormed out of the hotel and lead straight to a five-star hotel. Because, rental cars might be something he can make exceptions in, but comfort and peaceful rest period is the secret to a memorable trip.


Technology can be a blessing

LG Electronics Chief Technology Officer Dr Woo Paik, displays the world's first market-ready Touch Watch Phone (Model: LG-GD910) with 3G video telephony service and GSM quadband network capabilities at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Not everyone can get to have sassy gears before every trip as Bond gets to have, but having your phone battery charged, your headphones on and your I pad loaded with movies and books can save you from lots of travelling nonsenses and get off your harassment, as well as are a good friends when travelling alone. And after that, one thing Bond gives you is to bring all the equipment back safe and alive.

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6 Best casinos in Goa Where You Can Get Either Rich or Wiser

Apart from beautiful beaches and sea waves, Goa is also known for being the abode for some of the finest casinos in India, where u can give a shot at your luck. While strolling along the seaside is a memorable experience, casinos give a shot at turning your fortune overnight or making your wiser. So here are 6 places where you can try your fortune.


Deltin Royale

Casino in Goa

An unforgettable experience of what a real cruise casino looks like; Deltin Royale is one of Goa’s best casinos. With 40,000 sq. ft. area spread over 4 floors, 125 gaming tables, and performance by international artists, it provides a gaming experience like one of the best in the world. Awarded ‘The Best Casino’ in India by West India Travel Awards, it redefines gaming and hospitality services.

Price- Rs 2,000 on Weekdays; Rs 3,000 on Weekends

Timings- 24 hours a day, Entertainment from 7pm-1am

Location- Noah’s Ark, RND Jetty, D Bandodkar Road, Panjim


Casino Pride

Casino in Goa

A landmark of glory and glamor, Casino Pride Group of casino and hotels are a mark of hospitality and gaming experience. With five casinos and 2 stars in its honor and the title of India’s Best Casino, it provides a wide range of national and international games like Blackjack, Roulette, Teen Patti and Andar Bahar; it is an ideal option for people with money on their mind and luck on their side.

Price- Rs 1500 on Weekdays; Rs 2000 on Weekends

Timing- All day, Entertainment from 9-11

Location-Captain of Ports Jetty, Panaji, Goa


Deltin Jaqk

Casino in GoaCasino in Goa

The Deltin Group has emerged to be one of the best casinos in Goa. With 50 tables and 30 slot machines over a 12,000 sq. ft. area, it is a perfect place for all level of players. It has a learners table which teaches the game to new players before they get ready for a big move, as well as tournament table for the big players. Five-star buffet, Luxurious hotels and 3 floors of entertainment, this is a place one should definitely visit.

Price- Rs 2,000

Timing- All day, Entertainment from 9 to midnight

Location-Fisheries Jetty, Panjim


Casino Paradise

Best Casino In Goa

Located in the 5-star hotel Neo Majestic, this casino is located a little away the hustle bustle of the city. Offering a wide variety of games like American roulette, Blackjack, it is a crowd favorite because of cheaper rates, and unlimited buffet.

Price- Rs 700

Timing- All day

Location-Neo Majestic Hotel, Pororvim


Chances Casino and Resort

Best casino in Goa

Located about 6km away in the beautiful Vainguinim Valley, this is the largest and oldest casinos. Although it is located in an odd location, the casino provides entertainment which is no less than any other famous casinos in Goa. With 53 rooms, live performances on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and with international games like American roulette, mini-baccarat, and blackjack, this casino is one good package

Price- Rs 2,000

Timing- All day

Location- Machado’s Cove, Goa, Dona Paula, Goa


Goa Caravela Casino

Best Casino in goa

Opened in 2009, this is India’s first live casino located in Panjim, Goa. Anchored in River Mandovi, the casino is located on the M.V Caravela. The 215 ft. long cruise easily serves 300 people and promises an entertaining evening out with games like American Roulette, Mini Flush, Casino War, and Indian Flush amongst other games, all on live tables. In addition to that, it has a private gaming room, below 18 games and toddler’s rooms as well as air-conditioned multi-cuisine buffet. Overall, this gives a very promising evening.

Price- Rs 2000

Timing- Evenings

Location- Fisheries Jetty, D B Marg, Panjim – Goa, Panjim, Goa.

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Eight World’s best Under Water Restaurants

Al Mahara


Located on a man-made island in Dubai, the Al Mahara is an underwater restaurant. The name Al Mahara translates to ‘the oyster shell’, in Arabic, so seafood cuisine is present in plenty. The restaurant is also well known for its exotic wine list for which it has won the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence in 2014. The place is completely surrounded by thick glass and gives an aquarium like view with all sea life swimming by, completely a view to remember.


Aquarium Restaurants


Present at Houston, Nashville, Denver, and Kemah, they offer different size tanks and different view, but the cuisine is same. The aquarium is a huge 15,000 gallons and their highlights include sawfish, guitarfish, and rays. Its seafood-rich menu includes calamari, lobsters, lobsters mac and cheese and crabmeat. Other options include burgers, chicken cheesesteaks etc.


Atrium Bar, Berlin

Berlin best restaurant

The Atrium Bar is one of its own kind restaurants. With 25 metres high cylindrical aquarium called ‘AquaDom’, which hovers directly above the bar, is the biggest in the world. With 2, 00,000 gallons of water and over kinds of fish, it is the main attractions of the restaurant. Then comes the 22 paged big menus which have a large variety of wines, cocktails, beer, snacks, pizzas to offer, you are suing to find your taste in it.


Cargo Hold Restaurant, Durban, South Africa

South Africa best underwater restaurant

Built on the uShaka marine theme park, this replica of the famous Phantom Ship is the ultimate experience of underwater restaurants. The built of the ship is especially given a rusty, broken look. The aquarium is also built the boat.  The restaurant offers many seafood cuisines, like gnocchi, kingklip, duck and ostrich carpaccio appetizers, as the sharks swim around the aquarium all the while. The cargo also holds options for holiday themed occasions and parties.


Forbes Island, San Francisco

San Fransisco best underwater restaurant

Forbes Island, as the name suggests, is indeed an island restaurant. While the restaurant is addressed at Pier 41, guests need to take a water taxi named ‘Titanic’ from Pier 39. As the stairs descend, they reach the dining room located under water, decorated in a ship gallery theme. The menu includes some mouth-watering dishes lie wild mushroom, crab, scallop salad, salmon, just to name a few. There is an also diverse wine selection.


Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

Itahaa Underwater restaurant, maldives best restaurant

This restaurant is special in its own ways: It opened as the first underwater restaurant in the world, in 2005, it has also been ranked as the Most Beautiful Restaurants in The World and also one of the most romantic and expensive restaurants. The restaurant is situated 5 meters below the surface, it features an exotic view of the sea-life and surrounding coral gardens, as exotic is the menu which includes agnolotti of duck, beef tenderloin, and others.


Ossaiano, Dubai

Dubai best underwater restaurant

Not only it is said to be a world class underwater restaurant, it has also named the Best Seafood Restaurant. 65,000 species of different sea life swim past you, as the guests are served Catalan based seafood dishes from award-winning chefs. There’s also a bar, afternoon tea service with lively music for the guest’s entertainment. The restaurant is decorated in gourmet style, spiral stairs and setting that is sure to make your evening mesmerizing.


Sea, Maldives


Glass walls, the glass ceiling and completely surrounded dining room is what define the Sea Restaurant at Maldives. This restaurant serves dishes like poached lobster, pan-seared Canadian scallops, wagyu beef Wellington, assorted fish and seafood medley. It also has a wine cellar, ranked as the World’s Best Wine List in both 2014 and 2015, as well as Wine Spectator Award of Excellence.

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Travel diaries – 7 bollywood celebrities and their favourite destinations

When it comes to talking about the Bollywood Celebrities, then Indian Fans go crazy about knowing more and more information about them. It may be about their cars, Houses, their personal life information and other such. Some of the Famous Bollywood celebrities and their favorite destinations all around the world includes:

  1. Salman Khan, Dubai


Whenever this great Bollywood actor gets leisure time from his shooting schedule, he likes to stay and hang out at him farmhouse in Panvel. But not only this, apart from staying at his farm house he likes to visit Dubai every now and then. He has been wandering in Dubai many times and it seems like Dubai is the favorite destination of Salman Khan to get a sigh of relief from his busy hours.


  1. Shahrukh Khan, London


This Actor is one such Actor whose favorite spot for spending free time is London. He even owns a villa in this glamourous city. In fact, not only London but he can also be seen enjoying with his Family at Dubai or Paris. And after all the tiredness from all around the world, this famous Actor loves to come back at his House in Bandra, Mumbai namely Mannat.


  1. Aamir Khan, London


Mr. Perfectionist-as he is known in the Bollywood Industry. And he is rightly known so as this actor chooses some particular movies as per his choices. This Actor hardly gets free time from his busy schedule and has a much lesser time for traveling. But he loves to enjoy the scenic beauty of buildings and grasslands of London and can be seen wandering in London many of the times.


  1. Anushka Sharma, Italy


Italy love of Anushka Sharma is simply unavoidable. Whenever this beautiful Bollywood actress wants to get away from the hectic schedule and the limelight, she favors taking off to Italy. She loves to enjoy the beauty of Italy and can’t avoid the regular visitings to this beautiful city. So, for this PK Lady, Italy is the most favorable destination from all around the world.


  1. Katrina Kaif, London


This beautiful tall Bollywood actress is from London and her favorite destination is London only. She keeps visiting London every now and then and loves to spend time with her family. This is why the first love of this leggy actress is London. Katrina loves to enjoy and be in the crowd of London.


  1. Hrithik Roshan, South Africa


Bollywood’s Greek God – yes, this is Hrithik Roshan. One of the best dancers of this Bollywood Industry.  This famous actor loves to spend quality time with two of his little boys in South Africa. He did not seem like stopping himself from having visits to this beautiful country.


  1. Kangana Ranaut, Paris


One of the beautiful actresses of this Bollywood industry i.e. Kangana Ranaut cannot stop to show her love for Paris. Her love for Paris can be known from the fact that she loved to play her role in the movie ‘Queen’ as the shooting was done in Paris. So, whenever she gets bored with her monotonous schedule she takes off to Paris.

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These mystifying cities are hidden under the depth of water since ages!

  1. Tyno Helig, UK



There are great mysteries on this Earth which are still unknown. And one of them is the mystery of this city. It is said this submerged city is actually a submerged castle which is the result of a curse by a noble man who was killed by a common man who was in love with a lord’s daughter.


  1. Dunwich, England




It is believed that this city of England was as big as London and the reason behind the drowning of this city is said to be its rough weather and erosions. And due to all these conditions Dunwich finally submerged under water with all the people and structures.


  1. Willow Grove, USA


The reason behind the drowning of this city is the creation of dams around this city after the World War. This creation of dams led to the floods and as a result the city submerged under the Dale Hollow Lake.


  1. Canudos, Brazil


This small town of Brazil is said to get submerged under a man-made lake and the reason behind it is the creation of dam by the idea of Farmers so as to escape from the conditions of Droughts.

And so the people were drowned under a man-made lake.


  1. Pre-Incan Ruins in Lake Titicaca, Bolivia


This place is believed to be a holy place. The city drowned has all the temples, terraces, houses and many other such physical facilities which are submerged from 1500 years. The city (as per the belief) was known as Wanaku and was home to hidden stolen treasures by Spanish kings.


  1. Baiae, Italy


This Roman city used to be a vacation spot of rich people. And the reason behind the drowning of this city is believed to be sudden increase in the water level of hot water springs from Volcanoes. This finally became the submerged city of Italy.


  1. Doggerland, North Sea


It is believed that this was once inhibited by Mesolithic Tribes. The reason behind the submergence of Doggerland is believed to be the continuous movement of tectonic movement in Europe and England. This led to the water level increase and a final submergence.


  1. Gulf of Cambay, India


Scientists believe that this lost Indian city is probably the oldest city on the planet may be older than Harappa and Mesopotamia. And the reason behind this scientific prediction are the 9500 years old skeletons and teeths. This lies along the West coast of India in Gujarat and has an inlet in Arabian Sea.


  1. Allit Yam, Israel



The city which developed civilization for about 8000 years ago and was located along the Carmel coast. The city then, however, was completely submerged and washed out because of repeated attacks of Tsunami.


  1. Shicheng, China


It was founded more than 1300 years ago and was believed to be governed by Ming and Qing. The city submerged for about 40 meters under the water. The drowning of this city is believed to be because of the role of Gravity.

So its time to pack your diving gear..for these amazing destinations !! A dive in the past..

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