Adoption: Random Thoughts #2

Random Thoughts #2

I often come across many people of my own age group who share their dreams of becoming parents some day. Well that’s quite natural, we all dream of making a happy family some day! Isn’t it? But what conflicts me more is when I see millions of kids on the roads who don’t have anyone to look after them! We tag them ‘orphans’ that too when there are so many people who are eager to become parents!

I have seen many unhappy couples, crying over the fact that they are incapable of making children! Well, in my views they are absolutely incapable, not because of their medical or biological inefficiencies but because of their small thinking! Its not necessary that you need to give birth to a child to make him/her your own! What matters most is how much you love that child to bring him up!

I have seen girls deciding the names of their kids and all the girly crap! But for me, I only plan whom will I adopt and when! For me motherhood is as important as any other achievements in my life, but I think worrying about the kid who is already there in this world is more important than worrying about the one who hasn’t stepped in yet!
-Udisha M.

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