‘Aashayei’ 3rd Abstract.

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 ‘Aashayei’ 3rd Abstract.

Vinay and Yashwardhan started loading the luggage in the car as soon as the chauffeur arrived.
“Have you told Vishnu everything?”, Yashwardhan asked Vinay. He somewhere deep inside knew that Vishnu would not accompany him once he comes to know about his disease, but still he wanted to see him for one last time.

“Yash, I want to ask you once again! Do you really want to go? I still want you to go to Europe for further treatment!”, Vinay tried a last time to convince Yash.
“I am absolutely sure about my decision Vinay, I want to do what I am doing!”, replied Yashwardhan adjusting his luggage.
“What if Vishnu doesn’t come with you?”, Vinay asked, still doubtfully about Vishnu’s decision.
“As I said earlier, it’s OK with me, I will keep paying his salary as pension, and please do me a favor! Get him some work if he wants to!”, Yashwardhan was still very worried about Vishnu.
“Don’t worry about that Yash, everything will be taken care of!”, Vinay replied.

Once the luggage was adjusted in the car, Yashwardhan turned towards Vinay to give him a warm hug!
“Saahab!”, Vishnu called from behind.
Yashwardhan turned back, to see him in tears. His throat was choked, he was trying to say something, but it seemed he was too over-whelmed to utter anything! He had been a loyal servant for years, and was extremely attached to Yashwardhan. Seeing his master falling prey to a disease like this was agonizing for him!

“Saahab!”, Vishnu fell at Yashwardhan’s feet, he was sobbing uncontrollably.
“It’s perfectly OK Vishnu, you haven’t done any crime!”, Yashwardhan was getting as to what kind of emotional turmoil was troubling Vishnu. He held him by shoulders and picked him up. Vishnu was still in tears, he was feeling ashamed of himself for being so selfish. He couldn’t match eyes with Yashwardhan.
“Saahab! Humei maaf kar dijiye!”, he finally uttered something.
“Vishnu! Listen to me! It’s your life and you have the rights to decide what you want from it! If you don’t want to come with me, that’s perfectly OK! You will always be the same Vishnu for me!”, Yashwardhan smiled at him and pulled out his handkerchief from his pocket and gave it to Vishnu.

Vishnu was still sobbing, but didn’t say anything. His silence clearly told Yashwardhan that he was not accompanying him for the Haridwar stay.
“I have instructed Vinay about everything, you won’t face any problem here! Just let Vinay know if you want to work somewhere else!”, Yashwardhan finally said those last words to Vishnu and sat inside the car. The chauffeur closed the door for him, and he took the driving seat.

Yashwadhan smiled for the last time to Vishnu, Vinay waved good-bye!
Vishnu was still sobbing, but tried to smile for Yashwardhan.

The car sped away, Yashwardhan finally realized that AIDS had just snatched away a part of his life in the name of Vishnu and many more like him were way to go!
-By Udisha M.
TO BE CONTINUED………………………………………………………..

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