9 habits which could make you a better motorcycle rider

Riding is an art, which comes after years of practice. It is part of your personality. It’s a way of living.

I am not sure what a good rider is, but I am sharing few things which I feel should be followed by all irrespective what you ride (Feel free to comment or contradict)

  • Respect everyone on road, no matter its a pedestrian or a truck driver.
  • Use proper gears; wear a helmet, jacket, boots etc when you go on a ride.
  • Stick to the speed limit; your vehicle may be good enough to go 200kmph, but Indian roads are not meant for that. People and animals come out of nowhere, don’t be a danger to others.
  • Help each and everyone by any way you could. If you see a rider (Solo/Group) with a breakdown, just walk to him to ask if you could help him. If possible stand with him until help comes, it just makes you feel good. For others, it is new light to trusting others. (We Indians have this habit of not helping or trusting others).
  • If riding in a group, don’t be a nuisance or arrogant. Never demean anyone in other vehicles. Maybe he might be someone who is a better rider, just having a mandatory trip in his car with the family.
  • Carry sweets and small gifts. Share it with kids or anyone who has offered you any help. A gesture of thanks.
    While off-roading, just ensure you are not spoiling a cultivated land or trespassing.
  • Never promote bad habits, especially with kids around. Avoid smoking or stunts if you see there are kids around. You could be a role model. Wave back, give them a ride, sweets and tell them your amazing story. Even elders could be nosy at times, be the patient answer everyone.
  • Try staying at homestays or camp,merge with the locals (even if the language is a barrier) eat local food. If someone offers you food make sure you do not refuse it, nor leave it uneaten (Don’t like it… bear with it) people want to hear your tales, hence they invite you.
  • Be curious, plan everything, keep learning whether it’s about your motorcycle, routes or as a person.

I am not sure whether these make you a better rider but surely would make you a different person.

– Arpit Mishra

Header Image Courtesy: BetterPhotography

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