10 Things you experience when you are in love with a Soldier-Chapter 2

10 Things you experience when you are in love with a Soldier- 2

1] Now, you know that there are places like, Wellington, Khadakwasla, Kirkee, Mhow etc. on the map of our country. Something, which others will never understand or bother to know it.

2] When other girls pray that their boyfriend/husband stays with them all their lives, you just pray that they somehow he stays in peace postings, so that you can visit him anytime. And just in case, anyhow he gets posted in your city! [Goddddddddd!!! Its a miracle] 😀

3] Getting a call from satellite phones is not something way too out of the world for you! Because he calls you from such numbers[you know when!]

4] If you are married to him, you can stay in any kind of accommodation, even if its a single room or a huge bungalow! Because for you, every moment spent with him is a bliss! 🙂

5] He wants you to learn how to cook, not just because he is a big time foodie, but his coursemates and other unit bachelors can storm your house any given time! 

6] Now, any of his fauji friend’s girlfriend or wife seems like a soul-sister to you. Because, she is the one who understands your situation better than your girlfriends with civilian boyfriends.

7] Watching a fauji movie with him can be a pain, still exciting, as he keeps disturbing you with technical comments like, ‘ye camo aisa nahi, aisa hota hai! Ye rank aise nahi aise command karti hai!… and blah….blah…blah……………….’

8] You try to keep a record of all his messages, letters, photos almost everything which reminds you of the beautiful moments spend with him, as it keeps you going in his absence! 🙂

9] You know no matter how flirty he gets with other girls, he is a thorough gentleman who loves you truly, madly and completely! And that is what makes you fall for him even more!

10] There will always be thousands who will never understand why you love him, despite the distance and hardships. But only you and your heart knows that no matter what they say you know, “that the girl he left behind, is still behind him supporting her hero!” <3

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  1. komal

    I have read most of the articles on this blog. All are superb. And they remind me of my days spend with him. We are not yet married. He is in Indian Navy (Submarine). Currently posted in INS Sindhughosh. This is the blog I have written for him .
    The poem which is there on the top , I have written for him recently.


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