10 Things you experience when you are in love with a Soldier

10 Things you experience when you are in love with a Soldier!

1] When other girls take hours to get ready, you can get ready in minutes as he can make and break plans anytime-anywhere!

2] You have settled for the fact[even if you don’t like it!] that he loves his Royal Enfield and Uniform more than you!

3] He has spoiled you with his chivalry and gentlemen like gestures to such levels that every second civilian guy you meet, seems ill-mannered to you!

4] You have become such a braveheart, that you can travel for kilometers and hours together alone just to see him, but want to hold his hand while walking together, because you don’t know when it will happen again!

5] Even though he fancies the thought of going on a war and dying in the line of duty, you silently feel like killing him when he talks about it! As its very concept shivers your spine. 🙁

6] You have atleast came across 2-3 such girls, who ask if you can help them in getting a fauji to marry! And you seriously get pissed off when they ask you so! Because you love your man, because he loves you and not because he is a fauji!

7] You have watched ‘LOC-Kargil’ for more than 50 times atleast, and everytime Kareena and Saif’s episode[Capt. Anuj Nayyar’s and his fiance’s episode to be precise] makes you senti, because you can relate to every word, every dialogue of it!

8] Now if you are in a Cantonment area, you are either a ‘mam’ or a ‘aunty’ or ‘Mrs. XYZ'[in case you are married] Forget your first name for sometime! 😛

9] You know the best birthday gift you can get, is a surprise visit by him! <3

10] Last but not the least! 😉



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