10 Reasons why you should marry a Lucknow girl!

10 Reasons why you should marry a Lucknow girl!

1] She can easily impress anyone with her ‘tehzeeb’, including your friends and family! 😉

“Namaste aunty! Pranaam uncle!” are still more prevalent than ‘hello aunty and goodmorning uncle in this city!’

2] Lucknowites are foodies by birth, so you will never have any complains about lack of tasty food in your house and even in your Lucknow visits. 😀

Tunday kababi, wahib ki biryani, veg kabab rolls, gol-gappe, dahi-jalebi, imarti-rabdi. Everything over here is yummmmmmmmmmm………………….. :p

3] No matter how angry she is on you or any of your family members, she will never get abusive as it is against our culture. Even if she is warning you, that will also be in courteous style! 😉

“Janaab aisi gustakhiya na karei, ki humei aap ki waalida ki khidmat mei zaleel kalimatei pesh karni padei!”
4] She has a natural taste in art, music and poetry. As Lucknow is a city which has given one of the finest artist and musicians to the world. 🙂

5] She can make your family members drool with exclusive chikankaari gifts from Lucknow! 😉 Trust me dude, even the biggest designers of the world go gaga over our embroidery.

6] Lucknow is considered to be one of the most historically beautiful city. So, if your girl is from Lucknow you will get to see one of the richest cultural heritage. 😀

even the Lucknow Railway station has a story to tell, Bada Imambara, Residency, La Martiniere, Ambedkar park are few to name.

7] Besides her ‘tehzeeb’, she knows how to have ‘tafri’ as well. 😉 So you can go doing ‘Rangbaazi’ on the streets of Hazratganj any given day, as it is said…’Shaam-e-avadh’ 😀

8] She can pray at a temple, dargah, church or a gurudwara! Because secularism is in the veins of Lucknowites. Our legacy of Hindu-Muslim unity is still alive in our hearts. 🙂

9] She is a perfect amalgam of modern and traditional woman. She can enjoy a happening club life with you and also make sure that your family life is always in place. 😀

10] You can always complain that she uses ‘HUM” for singular as well as for plural, uses ‘AAP’ for everybody ranging from younger ones to older ones. But once you have fallen for a Lucknow girl, you wont be able to do without her sugar coated tongue. 😉

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