ओ री चिरैया

“ओ री चिरैया

नन्ही सी चिड़िया

अंगना में फिर अजा रे”

May be it’s of no use now. It’s been 4 years and still the tone fills the air every time it passes through the lawn of this highly decorated “Haveli”. Long balconies have the safest boundaries over here, but the safety is not assured. Those long swings wishes to give a ride to that missing soul, which is resting in some world unknown, may be, or still which roams across this house.

That was another evening, when the whole Haveli suddenly got the news of the arrival of some new guest. Happiness was spreading like colors. She was having a new life within her. A new identity, a new responsibility, new emotions- A new beginning it was. Being a mother is the toughest yet the best phase of life.

A life within another life, this is such a thing which is beyond any description. One cannot go through it until she is in the same position.

Day by day that new life was growing within her womb. He was eager to play with the new-born, while she was enjoying her experience.

That evening was a different one. Rain was cooling the burnt soil while the moon was showering its light to glisten the ground. An unknown silence was prevailing there, in that house.

She was standing lifelessly while looking at the sky. Her eyes were displaying the horror through which she was passing. Rain was stopped by then.  Loose hairs were fighting own battles with themselves, reflecting the inner war, deep in her mind.

“ओ री चिरैया

मेरी  चिरैया

अंगना में फिर अजा रे…”

That night the house was lamenting some hidden truth. It was mourning the death of a pure heavenly soul.

She died.

They killed her.

She couldn’t even open her sparkling eyes and they killed her. They didn’t allow her to breathe in the open air. They decided to bury her in her mother’s womb only, the safest place for her.

She fought, she cried, she denied and then she was thrashed. They pushed her from behind. She fell down. But still she survived.

She survived with her life but couldn’t save her child, the one with little wings of fairy. May be she was an angel in real and that’s why she was sent to her own place only. Or is it their misfortune that they couldn’t have her in their life?

Four years! Exactly four years. This day, they killed her. They buried her.

She still watches the moon and waits for her angel to peep out from the clouds once, just once so that she could say her, those words for which she is waiting since long… “Sorry Lado! They don’t deserve you.”

“हम ने तुझपे हज़ारों सितम हैं किये

हम ने तुझपे जहाँ भर के ज़ुल्म किये

हमने सोचा नहीं

तू जो उड़ जाएगी

ये ज़मीन तेरे बिन सुनी रह जाएगी

किसके दम पे सजेगा मेरा अंगना . . .”

-Parvin Banu

Credits: “ओ री चिरैया” Song from Satyamev Jayate.



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